Bucket List Ideas

Learn to fly a plane antarctica See the Eiffel Tower

A life list is a list of goals you are fully committed to accomplishing before a predetermined date. This is different from a bucket list which is a list of things you would like to do before dying. Who wants to wait until they are dying to start living? Not me!

For my list, I have two rules:

  1. The entire list must be completed by May 25th, 2017
  2. I can not add or remove any item from the list

It is as simple as that!

The Big Goals

spontanous travel race a racecar run a marathon

Big Goals

Go to All 7 Continents by the End Of 2012

south-america europe antarctica


Education Based Goals

learn to bartend learn yoga run a marathon


See the World’s Most Amazing Man-made Things

Statue of Liberty Colosseum Easter Island

North America

South America

  • check!