My First Talk Show Appearance

Update: Full video is now at the bottom of this blog post.

Today I had the privilege of making my first official talk show appearance. I send a special thanks to the super amazing people at New Day Northwest! for giving me the opportunity to speak about my life list. The full video is available above.

The Backstory

I have known since the beginning that getting on a talk show was going to be one of my more challenging life list items. I think I have an interesting story to share with people but it feels disingenuous to bullishly pitch myself to others. That said, this wasn’t a normal goal. This was a Life List item. As such, I went out of my normal comfort zone and have been sending out light pitches for a while now. If anything, the process has given me the opportunity to learn how to do increasingly effective pitches. Luckily, the producers at New Day made it really easy for me to tell my story.

Given that I am leaving the country in a few weeks (I’ll be moving to SE Asia for about six months in order to pursue some life list items in the area), I had all but given up hope of completing this list item in 2014.

New Day Northwest SetAfter getting the exciting email and locking down the taping date with the producer (thanks Kate!), I was left with a completely full calendar. Due to prearranged plans, I ended up flying across the country only seven hours before the taping. I took a quick nap, showered and then went to the studio in downtown Seattle.

Given my recent deep dives into film and studio work, walking around the big studio was even more exciting than it would normally have been. The staff was super friendly and the other guests were very likable.

Making Some TV

Before the show started, the producer brought me onto the set and talked be through the segment. She didn’t tell me what questions were going to be asked but did let me know that I would be talking about some of the photos I had taken. The prep was quick and straightforward.

I sat in the audience for most of the show and then went to the green room before my segment to prep myself. Not knowing what to do, I basically just listened to some music and reread my list for the millionth time.

I was quickly moved through makeup and audio and before I knew it, I was standing backstage listening to the host give my introduction. I was super nervous and was reminded of the seconds before going on stage to give my TED talk. My nervousness always spikes when I am backstage and subsides only after I have spoken my first few words on stage.

Walking onto the stage

Once I got on stage, it was easy. Margaret Larson is an excellent interviewer. She has been awarded four Emmys and I have watched her on TV for as long as I can remember. She did a great job of keeping the interview going smoothly and directing the talking points.

We finished the show by having a water balloon fight (one of the other guests was promoting an upcoming world record attempt for the world’s largest water balloon fight) and my 5 minutes of fame were up :-) It was a fantastic experience and one that I hope to repeat again many times.

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  • Nice job on tv man and congrats on the bucket list assaul. Goal setting or whatever we want to call it…. I think it often comes down to “action” and when depression is lurking around or your starting off on a new journey, diet or job it really just takes movement. You wrote down I am getting a shave and went and did it, cross it off and on to #2…momentum takes over in some cases amd the sharing inspires others.

    • Agreed, it is all about slowly gaining momentum. :-)

  • Awesome interview Danny! It’s really great to see your life list progressing at such an impressive pace. It’s sad that you’ll be leaving for Asia just when I’m getting back to Canada, I would have loved to get in touch with you! Anyway, you’re a great source of inspiration. I’ll definitely need to kick myself in the butt and get started on a concrete life list.

    • Yeah it is a shame about or backwards timing :-/ Let’s try to meet up when I get back to North America. Keep rocking it bud!

  • Allyn

    Nice work Danny – the guns looked good too – I guess it’s like they say “Television ads 10 lbs to your biceps” :)

    • lol, I much prefer your version of the quote! It is worth noting that their were multiple cameras on me. :-p In real life, I am still a shrimpy t-rex armed kid :-p

      Cheers Allyn!

  • What a GREAT interview Danny! You’re a natural :)

    • I definitely took some notes from your recent interviews. Keep rocking with your list Annette! You are a big inspiration.

  • Can I have your autograph since it sounds like you are replacing her as a TV host. Hahaha.

    • lol, not sure if it would be worth the paper it was written on but nice to know I have some job opportunities :-p

  • Hey bud,

    I just watched the interview and it looked like a lot of fun! Always enjoy hearing about your adventures and being a part in the Danny story.

    P.S. all of those hours in front of the camera look like they are paying off — You’re a pro now ;-)

    • Hey Jack!

      I was actually surprised and happy to see that all of my recent video work was applicable to something in real life :-) Makes these weird hobbies of mine worth it. Cheers bud!

  • This is just awesome Danny! Congrats to that!
    If you ever come back to Switzerland, let me know :-)

    • Will do Daniel! Had a great time last time :-)

  • mike vallano

    Very cool Danny!

    You were great and I’m sure you inspired some other people to do cool stuff.

    • That’s my hope. :-)

      Keep doing the same! (wherever you are in the world these days!)

  • That’s awesome Danny! You did great! I love following your journey, it’s very inspiring.

    • Thanks Drew :-) I have appreciated your vocal support all over various channels. It keeps me going :-)

  • Maryann Custode

    Hey Danny great job on your interview!! I just know down the road you will be seated next to Jay, David, or another late night host discussing your exciting life along with the release date of your latest Hollywood movie. (:D See you soon!

    • lol, I hope you are right. This was currently a great step in learning story telling and I look forward to more going forward.

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  • Nancy Naidoo

    Always a pleasure reading about your antics!!
    Why am I not surprised that your choice of gear is a black t-shirt and jeans:-)

  • Pat

    Awesome job, Danny! You seemed so comfortable and natural in front of the camera. I wanted to hear about the “strange” experiences you got into while pursuing your life list, but she didn’t ask. Hahahahaha.

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  • Mark Fan

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  • Mark Fan

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