Escape From Hong Kong!

In this week’s Life List adventure, Danny gets some oddly wise advice from a shirtless Hong Konger and as a result finds himself duking it out with Steve, an oversized fish with a bad attitude.


I am on weird but really fun leg of my Life List right now where my next several items (as well as this one) are simply to visit a specific city. That means the item is essentially done as soon as I arrive. Since that in itself is boring, I have been going on mini-adventures once I get to the city. My goal with these videos is to bring all of you along for the ride :-) Let me know if you are enjoying these (or not). Feedback is welcome!

Image credit: Peter Drier

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  • Maryann Custode

    Hi Danny, Hong Kong looks lovely and very busy. The little beach you found is beautiful! Love your videos. Better than watching travel shows on t.v. Your sense of humor adds a delightful fun touch to all your videos. I agree with you…Steve is UGLY. Maryann

    • Thanks for the encouragement Maryann! :-)

      More videos to come!

  • barb dover


    I am loving your new video format. The pictures are awesome, and your dialogue enhances all of the scenes.
    I laughed at your reference to the “pin ball” – it is exactly my feeling as well when I visited Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing all of your adventures!

  • Very interesting video Danny… and pretty funny too!

    Did that guy seriously just offer you that advice out of the blue, or did you ask him for help? You should have asked Steve what you should do next… I bet he would have sent you on a wild ride!

    Seems like the adventure was meant to be… I’m not one for doing all the touristy things when I travel either… I prefer to go for the adventure activities (self organised) and if I see something touristy along the way, then great. This way you get to live the place more authentically in my opinion, have more fun and way less stress trying to tick off a list of things you HAVE to see.

    Keep going big mate!


    • Hey Brendon!

      The guy just blurted it out at me! It was completely unprompted. Appreciated though :-p

      >You should have asked Steve what you should do next…

      Damn, you are right. That would have been smart.

      Cheers bud!

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