My Most Thrilling Life List Item: Olympic Luge

This week’s life list item was olympic luging! I may not have looked the part (nerd power!) but I didn’t do half bad… until the ending.

Luge Details

If you want to try out the luge and you live in the United States you only have two options, Lake Placid, NY and Park City, UT (both the former hosts of the winter Olympics).

The price starts at $90.00 USD for 5 runs and goes down with additional runs.

Olympic Luge

Luge Park City


Special shout out to Scott K for helping me with this item! Thanks brother!

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  • Have you lost more weight? You’re looking great!

    • Aw, thanks for mentioning that :-) It makes me feel good. I am working on my six pack abs life list item and down about 40lbs. I’ll have a post/video about that once I complete the goal.

  • Ben

    Next step, the skeleton!

  • malena

    uhuhuh which ones are left? :)

  • Love it Danny. I think I’ve just added luge to my list! Yeah, you’re looking a lot more buff bro. Keep up the great work.

  • Danny, did you go to Park City? Or lake placid? Whenever you’re in Utah, I’d love to know about it!

    • Hey AJ!

      I was in Park City. Utah is beautiful, I’ll be back for sure. Hope to see you there next time! (I usually post that kind of stuff on my facebook)

      Cheers bud!

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