A Crazy Thing Happens When You Give Your Bucket List A Deadline
Once you start making the completion of your goals the purpose of your life, your focus and lifestyle get dramatically better! My name is Danny Dover and in 2010 I made the purpose of my life to complete my 150+ item Life List by May 25th 2017. Once I started the journey, my ability to complete truly important things sky rocketed!

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Who is Danny Dover?

In 2010, Danny Dover assigned a deadline of May 25, 2017, to his life. He was tired of hearing about other people’s exciting lives and decided to jump-start his own by taking steps to actually live as if the end was in sight. He tattooed his deadline on his butt and made the sole purpose of his life to complete his Life List (a list of more than 150 life goals). While pursuing his list, he inadvertently became a minimalist in order to gain the necessary focus to create a more meaningful life. This seemingly small change in mindset (which he later detailed in the book The Minimalist Mindset) dramatically changed his life for the better.

As of 2017, Dover has completed his entire Life List (which included living alone in the wilderness for a month, traveling to nearly 100 countries, mountain climbing in Antarctica, becoming a best-selling author with his first book Search Engine Optimization Secrets and many other adventures). More importantly though, he has a small group of deep friendships and is able to spend much of his time writing for an extraordinary community (https://www.lifelisted.com), and helping others learn new skills.

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Interesting Facts

  • The first time I ever said a word, I spoke an entire sentence. I said, “Shut Up, Baby” to my little sister who woke up before me in the crib next to mine.
  • I once ate ice cream every day for 500 days in a row. I am now lactose intolerant.
  • I was on my own final exam in college when my professor used a blog post I had written (he didn’t realize I was in the class). I got the question wrong because I answered, “The author of this doesn’t know what he is talking about but is likely mildly attractive.” The professor didn’t appreciate the joke.
  • I was a crew member on a ship in the Caribbean. At one point, I visited an abandoned Disney resort where I almost accidentally burnt down the island. Life lesson, abandoned hotels are very flammable.
  • Every year I try to do one good act of revenge. My favorite one was completely filling a friend’s room with packing peanuts. I spent a year secretly collecting packing peanuts before filling the room all the way to the ceiling. My friends don’t play pranks on me anymore.
  • I once toured around Mexico for about a month with a band called Del La Vega. I am in their least popular music video.
  • One time I ate three full sized cherry pies in three minutes to become the pie eating champion of Sammamish, WA. It was awesome.
  • I have flown 1,328,751 miles (The equivalent of circumnavigating the globe 53 times)
  • I have spent 967 days actively traveling (meaning, actually in transit)

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