Dear Unhappy Former Self,

At lot has changed since we parted ways…

The basic differences are easy to point out. First and foremost, I am in a lot better shape than you. I am about 60 pounds lighter, and significantly more agile and flexible. I can maintain a dead sprint for half a mile at sea level without losing my breath. You get winded after a 10 meter dash to answer the phone. It might seem hard to believe, but I also heal faster than you. Injuries and bruises are gone much sooner for me than they are for you.

The world reacts in better ways to my presence than it does to yours. When people give me a double take now, it is no longer to make sure I am not trying to sneak candy into a movie theater.

I also feel a whole lot better than you. I sleep less hours, but feel more rested. I have more energy, but eat less sugar. My mind feels sharper, but I take no medications. I am better at doing mental math, remembering names and communicating my ideas. I have improved focus, stamina and discipline. You have cheap beer and even cheaper promises.

You were an important part of my life, but like a negative friend, you were holding me back. The wit we share is no longer the sole life preserver that keeps me afloat in social situations.

I now have purpose, goals and confidence.

So what changed?

Simply put, I decided to dump you. No more excuses. No more whining. No more accepting the world as it was. It wasn’t me, it was you. The break up was difficult, but put frankly, I realized I could do better than you.

I decided to make diet and exercise a priority, and made the purposeful decision to fully commit myself to my life list. It was incredibly hard at first, but gradually I started to become better than you. My priorities became clear, and I started to gain momentum. I started to take more chances, and slowly learned what was possible.

We still have a lot in common, you and I. We both have the same difficult past experiences. We still have the same fears, and the same faults.

You wake up every morning with a smile and optimism for tomorrow.

I wake up every morning with a smile and optimism for today.

I make change happen now.

Hope is not lost for you. You can still become whatever or whomever you want. That burst of inspiration that occasionally ignites you can still be turned into action. The only variable is you. You must decide to cultivate that change in yourself. It won’t be a caring friend, a successful co-worker, or a concerned doctor that turns the steering wheel of your life, it will have to be you. You are not the best version of yourself. You can improve. Make the decision to act! If you do, a happier future awaits.


A much happier you :-)