Flying in a Helicopter

I opened my e-mail. In my inbox sat a message from Groupon for a discounted helicopter ride. I had no choice, this was a bucket list item and as such it was a done deal as soon as the email reached my inbox.

The first thing I did was smile. After that, I sent an Allstaff to everyone at my company and asked if anyone wanted to join. I received a lot of smiles from various coworkers and a thumbs up from two of the more eager two. I bought three tickets, called the pilot and added it to my calendar for later that week.

At the time, I was still living in Seattle so during our lunch break, Scott, Matt and I hoped in a car and drove to Boeing Field. We went to the indicated address and instantly saw a tiny yellow helicopter waiting for us. We signed some waivers and the pilot came out and led us onto the tarmac. It was as simple as that.

This adventure took place a little over a year ago. It was when I was just first starting to get momentum on my bucket list. It was these easy ones that eventually enabled me to leave the United States and move to Argentina. It was that little trick that moved me from the point where I talked about potential fun adventures to the point where I told other people about the very real adventures that I was actively doing.

The blades began to spin and the wind picked up. I remember the point where the lift generated from the blades finally reached the point where we left the ground. We stuck to the ground for no more than a second and pop, we were airborne.

It is an odd sensation to fly vertically. It is similar to going in a high speed elevator but with less stability.

As the small planes on the tarmac got smaller, my attention turned to I-5. This was exactly the moment I had not known that I wanted until it actually happened. I stared down at the road in perfect traffic reporter style.

Traffic Report

Traffic Report

We flew westbound and I was reminded of how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is. It is easy to get jaded when you live in an idyllic forest. We flew over my apartment, my alma mater (does that phrase still apply if you dropped out?) the Ballard Locks and downtown Seattle.

The Beauty Of Seattle

The Beauty Of Seattle

Ballard Locks

Ballard Locks

Seattle Rain

Seattle Rain

University District

University District

Helicopter Friends

Helicopter Friends

We loved every minute of it.

Wondering why I am writing about old bucket list items? It is not because I am slowing down on my list. Far from it actually. February has been the most exciting month I have had since moving to California. It will also be my last month here. I have a secret project in the works that has required 8 flights in the last three weeks. More information to come :-)

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  • Dad

    loved the stroy and loved the tease at the end!!!!

    • Agreed!

      • :-D It is kinda fun going back and writing about items I did earlier but didn’t write about at the time. More old and new stories to come!

  • Can’t wait to see what happens next in the life of Danny Dover!

    • This next chapter is looking to be quite exciting. Hope all is well! :-)

  • I did a helicopter lesson back in Autumn and LOVED every second of it… It looks like an R22 that you flew in (or as my uncle refers to them an egg-whick with a lawnmower engine!

    This is the link to my flight post

    Did you do it as a passenger or were you actually flying it as a lesson-I’m just wondering, as I didn’t have a chance to take pictures.

    As a passenger I have had 3 heli flights, First was in St Lucia 6 years ago, then I did the New York Manhattan tour 4 years ago and last year we flew through the Grand Canyon via The Hoover Dam from Las Vegas (also flew over the strip)… Pretty awesome.

    I found it MUCH harder than flying a plane though!

    • I only was a passenger. You took it up a notch and actually flew it. Well done and very exciting!

      • Emma’s Bucket List

        Thanks Danny! It far outstripped my expectations, and thanks so much for the comment on my post! I’d definitely recommend trying it out one day-although you don’t get to enjoy the view as much, it’s such a cool feeling to be flying one yourself!

  • actually I tell a lie, the R22 I did my lesson in was the smaller version of this-this looks like an R44

    • Todd

      Definitely an R44, i have a Helicopter pilots license, and spent a great deal of time up in one of those bad boys. I prefer it to the 206, its faster (vne) as well :) Nice work Danny, I think its like 60 or 90 hours before you can take your test for your private license.

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