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If your experience was anything like mine, your life would get a lot more interesting!

My name is Danny Dover and this is my story.

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The Minimalist Mindset

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Latest Stories

Resilience and Being A Teenager

When I look back on my teenage years I both smile and grimace. Those years were awkward, fun and there were several times when the risks I took could have cost me my life. Like many people, my teen years were the most formative years of my life, at least thus far....

Latest Adventures

A Lesson Learned At Mt. Everest

At least once a month I try to remind myself that there is never an ideal time to travel. Life always seems to get in the way and money is always limited. My simple monthly reminder puts this in perspective and sometimes enables me to make the moves necessary to make adventure travel a part of my life.

What I Heard in Washington DC

As peaceful uprisings sprung up around the globe, I joined the Women’s March on Washington with one goal, to simply listen to those around me.

Surviving Alone In The Wilderness For a Month

Fifty miles outside defined civilization, I came to the end of an old forest service road. For the next month I’d be without electricity, Internet, potable water and most worrisome, contact from the outside world. It was the first step on an adventure that might end...

Curious How I Afford All Of This?

Curious How I Afford All Of This?

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