How To Start Your Bucket List

Easter Island Iguazu Falls Bungee Jumping


Craving some adventure in your life but don’t know how to get started? Worried you won’t be able to find the time or the money? The following seven steps start you down the road to learning everything you need to know in order to craft your own Life List and to bring adventure back into your life.

1. Get Inspired By These Bucket List Adventures

  • My Greatest Adventure Yet
  • Exploring Easter Island
  • Buying a Same-Day Plane Ticket To A Foreign Country
  • Stumbling Upon The Greatest Party In The World
  • Starring in a Commercial
  • 2. Answering The Hardest Question! (How Will I Pay For This?)

  • How To Set Up Your Personal Finances For Travel
  • Funding Passion
  • How Much Does It Cost To Travel The World?
  • How To Find The Cheapest Airfare
  • Time Traveling, The Poor and The Rich
  • 3. Learn Some Essential Travel Tips

  • Tips For Working Full Time While Traveling
  • The Minimalist Packing List
  • Best Places To Travel For New Travelers
  • How To Find Cheap Places To Stay While Traveling
  • How To Survive Long Trips
  • 4. Read Some Uncommon Wisdom

  • Unexpectations
  • The Single Best Decision I Ever Made
  • The Most Dangerous Distractions
  • On Stillness
  • My Final Blog Post, A Draft
  • 5. Find Sources of Offline Inspiration

  • 9 Books That Inspired Me To Improve Myself
  • The Top 8 Uncelebrated Inspirational Songs
  • 6. Learn How to Adopt Minimalism

  • How To Become A Minimalist
  • 7. Create Your Own Life List

  • How to Make a Bucket List That is Worth Completing
  • 8. Stay Motivated. Commitment Is Not Just a One Time Event!