If you were to sneak into my bedroom right now, you’d only find 150 things. (You would also creep me out, so don’t do that! :-p) The best gift I have ever given myself was separating myself from excess stuff. This week’s video discusses the process I used for becoming a minimalist.

Show Notes

How to become a minimalist:

The Cleanse:

  • Block off an entire working day
  • Use the Three Piles Technique
    1. Keep
    2. Trash/Donate
    3. Box


  • Donation Sundays
  • In with the new, out with the old.

Special thanks to Ryan Ricketts for the post idea. Please let me know if there are any topic’s any of you would like me to talk about! :-)

Would you like to learn more about Minimalism? I wrote an entire book on the subject! Feel free to learn more about it by clicking here. :-)