The Long Trip Survival Guide

Are you looking to start a new long term trip but don’t know how to properly prepare? This week’s video explains the travel tested “Launch Sequence” that I use before heading out on multi-month trips.

Topics Covered

Saying Goodbye To The People You Don’t Like

Two Extremely Important Tips

  • Ghost Day
  • Hotel Rehab

Saying Goodbye To The People You Do Like

  • How To Say Goodbye To Family
  • The Best Way To Say Goodbye To Friends

At The Airport

  • Adjusting To A New Time Zone
  • Last Minute Research
  • Jump!

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  • Yngvi

    Well. What do you do after being there for maybe around 5-6 weeks. In my experience it’s easy to feel lonely.
    All your friends, family and so on is back home and there can easily be a week or three where it really sucks being away.

    What do you try to do to avoid that feeling?


    • Yeah missing people back home is certainly an issue sometimes. When I am missing my friends and family back home, I generally do one of three things:

      Go out and meet new people – I have been most successful with this through Airbnb (the type of people who are willing to bring strangers into their homes, are generally my favorite type of new friends.) and through co-working places. The latter keeps me sane and gives me access to meeting similarly minded people.

      Go on mini-adventures – Many times this is as simple as going on a really long walk. I like sharing stories with people I care about so I go out on mini-adventures so that I have something to talk about and a new experience to look back on.

      Call/facebook-stalk my friends back home – If all else fails, I just call (time zone permitting) or facebook the people back home. This is generally pretty simple and helps a lot!

  • mike vallano

    Nice! I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Asia.

    I’m curious about your “no hotel” rule. There are often grey areas on how places are defined–hotel, guest house, hostel, B&B, etc. They of course there is Air B&B and couch surfing, etc.

    In what types of places do you usually stay?

    • The “no hotel” rule is something I only recently implemented. About a month ago I decided that there are just so many alternatives to hotels (like the ones you mentioned) that I was going to challenge myself to think outside the box and stop utilize the automatics.

      I am not putting a whole lot of thought into how I define hotel, instead I am just trying to avoid big name brand lodging.

      I almost always stay at an AirBnB as I like seeing different parts of cities and meeting the kind of people who operate these kinds of lodging. That said, I am not opposed to the other places you mentioned. I actually have a few guesthouses and motels scheduled for upcoming trips.

      Thank Mike!

  • Rob Collins


    How do you pay your rent and other bills while you are away on long trips? Do you have friends look after your place, drive you vehicle so the battery does not die. I was wondering what kind of logistics you do to pre-prep your trips so problems don’t crop up while you are away. If you could further explain this. It always seems something goes wrong when I am away that needs to be taken cared of immediately even though I prepaid my rent and insurance while I am away.

    • Simple, I removed the possibly of complications by removing as many sources of stress as possible. I don’t own a car or an apartment and have very few reoccurring bills. I have friends back home but nothing for them to look after. :-)

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