How To Find Cheap Places To Stay While Traveling

In today’s weekly video, I am outline the process I use for finding cheap places to stay while adventuring. The system is a little messy but it travel tested which makes me confident it will work for you!

My Process For Finding Cheap Places To Stay

Here we go!

  1. Use Facebook’s Graph Search to find forgotten friends who live in cool places
  2. Search Airbnb for great deals in cool cities. I LOVE this service and it is how I do most of my travels. Through it, I have met tons of really cool, people, saved a ton of money and had the opportunity to live as a local in dozens of cities around the world. The only downside is that after staying in one spot for a month, the economics break down and it is cheaper to stay in another source.
  3. Scorer for vacation rentals. This is best for when you are looking to stay in one spot more than one month.
  4. Use to search Hotels, Motels, B&Bs, Airbnb’s and little known lodging options. It also includes an ecstasy score to help you figure out the best places as gauged by walking distance to cool things! :-)
  5. Do research on TripAdvisor. I have found that this site is the single best resource fo researching lodging options online. Specifically, I am a fan of their filterable top 100 lists by city.
  6. Priceline. This is where I have found most of my killer deals on lodging. It is very hit or miss but everyone once in a while it has some crazy good deals on hotels.
  7. Lastly, if you find yourself in a random major city without a place to stay, you are doing something right. :-) If this happens to you check out the HotelTonight app. It has saved my butt a few times!

That is the process that I use when traveling but I am sure it is not yet perfect. What tips, tools or ideas do all of you use? Please share so that all of us can save a few bucks.

Update! I had some great comments from a bunch of you. Other great resources include:

  • Couchsurfing. A oldie but a goodie! My experiences have been mediocre the last person I talked to, a solo female traveler, used it to travel all the way across Australia and loved it! Thanks Himanshu, Simon, John!
  • – A signature resource for when you need to find a hotel. I used to use them a lot but now focus more on Airbnb as an alternative (I liked the social aspect of the latter option)

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  • John Cole

    Good stuff. Is there a reason you haven’t used I haven’t done it myself but it looks like an interesting concept.

  • I’ve become addicted to I love anything with affinity loyalty points and has a really great one. If you join and allow them to send you emails they always have great limited time offers. The more nights you book through them the hire up you go in their program. Starbucks has a similar program, which is why I’ve become a maniac for Starbucks. Personally, I couldn’t do the Airbnb I’m too afraid of being stabbed in the middle of the night, for good reason due to personal experience, which I won’t go into here. TMI!!

    • Loyalty programs are definitely addicting. United Airlines as me in a stronghold for similar reasons. (Although, I think it is close to a win-win)

      lol, sounds like a story better suited for your podcast. Care to share a link? :-p (I couldn’t find a direct link due to the spreaker facebook wall)

  • Simon Hachey

    Couch surfing should definitely be on there!

  • Great post, Danny. I had briefly heard about hipmunk before but kind of forgot about it, it’s great to know it’s that useful, I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    You didn’t mention so-called “social shopping” sites such as groupon. Where I live in Korea, these types of sites are ultra popular (such as Coupang and MakePrice). At times you can actually get some really awesome deals on accommodation (in addition to food, consumer goods, and more).

  • Great vid Danny, you inspire me to get back to writing :)

    I can totally relate for Airbnb. Currently in Sevilla (Spain) and I rented from Airbnb, again! As I did before, I rented for a couple weeks a dealt a better price with the host for a longer stay.

    Another tip for longer stay: Search for an expat group of the city you’re going on Facebook. Most cities have one full of expat willing to help you find a place, just browse the feed or ask.

    A last one: Write to the co-working space you’re planning to work from (if you do) and ask if they happen to know someone renting a room. I got a really good deal for a friend coming to Barcelona doing this (Thank you Cecilia :)

  • I love AirBnb! I just booked two places this week using them and am saving SO MUCH MONEY!

    In combo with priceline and hotwire I use On betterbidding you find your travel location and see winning bids that other people have successfully won in that location. It also gives me a guideline of where to start my bid.

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