Too often I focus on my mistakes and don’t allow myself to celebrate my successes. This post is different. Below are all of the successes I am celebrating this New Year’s Eve.

My Successes in 2011

How The Hell Do You Have The Time To Do All Of This?

The better question is why don’t you have the time?

My transformation into this lifestyle started after reading a blog post a lot like this one. I cussed out the author, made some excuses of why I couldn’t do it and then changed my mind and went outside and started running. This made all of the difference.

Image what your life could be like if you dedicated to make living your dreams your absolute highest priority?

THIS IS YOUR LIFE! You are not going to have another chance! Right now, you are sitting on your butt somewhere and reading about my accomplishments. Instead, you should be creating your own.

We are each on the same rock, circling the same sun. I don’t have any more time each day than you do. We both only have seven days in a week.

The only difference between me and you is that I know exactly why I am here. I have a very clear purpose.

So What Can You Do Right Now to Make 2012 the Best Year You Have Ever Had?

Stand up. Right now. Stop reading this post and go outside. Run, run as far as you can. When you get tired, keep going, walk if you have to. The distance isn’t important, the state of mind is the important part. This is your life, there is no second round. This is all you get. What are you going to do in 2012 that you didn’t think was possible in 2011?