14 Crazy Things Found In Japan

Greetings from Japan! All of the hype you have heard about this country is true. Japan is ridiculously efficient, full of delicious food and hilariously bizarre!

I’d like to start out the New Year by sharing some funny culture shocks. The following is a list of some of the craziest things I have ever encountered (all of which happened within only three days of being in Japan) Enjoy!

1. A Man Trying To Check Into A Flight With A Tiger Head

Look at the expression of the lady talking to the crazy tiger guy :-)

2. Pedobear Pillow For Kids…

If you need a primer on what pedobear is, check out this article. Warning, you can’t unsee pedobear.

3. A Microwavable Pug

10,000 times better than an actual pug… and microwave safe.

4. The Girlfriend of My Dreams

Who needs actual human interaction when you can buy friends like these.

5. An Astronaut Glasses Holder

“Oh thats right, I left them with Neil”

6. USB Eye Warmers

For the many times when your eyes get cold and you happen to have access to a USB charger.

7. Robots That Wears You

In Japan, wearable computers are already a thing.

8. A Pig Lid

What is the last thing to go through a pigs head when it gets hit by a piece of circular rubber? Its ass.

9. An Inside-Out Man Costume

Keep those pesky kids from sleeping after halloween.

10. A Chicken Hat

Chicken, not just for meals anymore.

11. The Creepiest Dancing Bear Imaginable

As if a pedobear pillow wasn’t creepy enough.

12. Zipper Based Earbuds

Now you can get your whole face stuck in your zipper.

13. A Cat Shaped Cat Urn

As a bonus, it is big enough to hold multiple cats!

14. And Last But Not Least, This Thing. Does Any One Have Even A Remote Idea Of What This Is?

Seriously, does any one know what this is supposed to be used for?

P.S. I have been experimenting with Instagram lately. (It is quite addicting! I blame you, Inge :-p) Let me know if you run into any issues with the embedded photos in the post. I think the feature is still experimental. Hat Tip to Jodi Ettenberg for showing me the Instagram embed trick.

Instagram Embed trick:

When you go to the web version of Instagram (so for me, Instagram.com/dannydover), click a photo and then click the 3 dots (ellipsis) next to the bottom of the comments. After you click the dots, it says “embed”, click on that and a popup with the embed code appears. Or, just post the Instagram URL of the image page into WordPress and it is supposed to auto-embed. (Despite the WordPress documentation on this feature, I couldn’t get the second method to work.)

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  • Tom

    Pedobear keeps the children safe at night!

  • April

    That last thing is obviously for skiing. Keeps your face warm and protects you from a head injury . . . Duh

    • That is actually the best guess I have heard :-) Nice!

  • Tønder

    The “inside out man costume” is actually a titen from an Anime that is quite popular in Japan named Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan on English.

    And what the f*ck is that hatmaskpillow :D

    • Well now I learned something new :-) Thanks for the clarification!

  • So let me get this straight. You think that bear is creepy but the weird cat that fits cats is all good?

    I have to admit. This post makes me want to go to Japan and yet still avoid that last pink leather masky thing.

  • 007 The Spy!

    Dude, what store where you at???

    • It was a fairly regular looking store (besides the products I highlighted) called Aloft.

  • What does that helmet-like computer thing you’re wearing on your head do?

    And creepy bear looks like he’s doing a Japanese version of the Miley Cyrus twerk…

    • >What does that helmet-like computer thing you’re wearing on your head do?

      I haven’t the slightest idea. I checked the instructions but they made even less sense than the hat itself. :-p Oh Japan.

  • Seriously Travel Eye Covers For Cats? Gotta love Japan!

  • Randy

    Hi Danny,

    Great read! I’ve been living in China for a few years and love the feeling of being in a totally different country (I’m from Canada). I really want to check out Japan this year and your article is giving me more motivation!

    As for that weird hat thingy…I’m gonna take a guess and say its some sort of heating/ice pack for headaches. But hey, I could be totally wrong!

    Happy travels!

  • Fien

    About that last thing: do you wear this when your helmet is to big?

  • Leah

    FYI, it’s not Pedobear. It’s Rilakkuma and he is actually quite popular in Singapore and many other parts of Asia.

  • The last one is for safely venting your frustration when you feel like banging your head against the wall?

    I’ve never been to Japan, by the way, but I’ve seen many, many crazy/genius things in my local Daiso (Japanese dollar store) in Canada.

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