In the second episode of Storytelling School we dive into the techniques of master storyteller, Walt Disney.

Show Notes

Walt Disney used two transformative storytelling techniques:

1. Harnessing deep and fundamental human desires

By tapping into quirky but fundamental human desires (people’s want of flying or desire to talk to animals), Walt Disney was able to share a message that felt personal with the entire world.

  • The desire to be special and admired (princesses, male heros)
  • The desire to have stability in the form of something more (life missions)
  • The desire to play in the unknown (flying, lack of aging, talking to animals)

2. Suspending Reality

By having characters live in alternative realities, Walt Disney was able to tell personal stories about viewers without being invasive.

  • He brought cartoon animation to the masses
  • He built theme parks so that people could experience his made-up reality while still being in reality