The Magic Subway Game

Today I present the first of what will hopefully become many video travel adventures. I started out with one of my favorite travel hacks, The Magic Subway Game. The premise is simple. Get on a subway system in a city you are not familiar with and get off at a random spot. It’s an adventure for less than the cost of a sandwich :-)

I have found this game super useful for getting to know a new city and for getting over the uneasiness of traveling solo. If you can handle this, it makes it much easier to handle everything else.

A note on the format

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am trying to get more into visual storytelling. This was the first video that I have shot, edited and narrated all while being on the road. I had a super good time doing it and only used gear that I could fit into my one carry-on travel bag (which is the same bag that holds all of my other stuff). Minimalism and filmmaking do not go hand-in-hand but I am happy that I was able to find a compromise.

Do you want to see more of these? Are the included “pro tips” helpful?

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  • EmmaR

    What a great game to play to explore a city, getting the subway somewhere specific in a new place always makes me nervous but just picking random stops, brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing :D

    • It does make a big difference to take the pressure off and just go to a random spot. After having done this game a few times, it takes most of the confusion out of the system and makes getting to defined places much easier :-)

  • I really enjoyed your video. Makes me want to march out of the office & find a city with a subway to play this game.

    I thought your video was well put together. What editing program do you use? I particularly enjoy the feature with your logo. :)

    • Thanks Amanda :-) I had a lot of fun putting it together.

      More video adventures to come!

      I did the editing in Final Cut Pro X but that might be overkill for something like this. I don’t do a lot of fancy stuff so I think you could create the same video with something free like iMovie.

      Going to check out your blog now. :)

  • Hi Danny. I liked the video, especially the quick cuts, the fade-to-white, and the background music. It made it look semi-professional, certainly on par with a local/regional TV broadcast. Was it awkward filming strangers? Some clips lingered a bit long, like the guy picking wiping his nose. I am assuming you were discrete, but didn’t always ask for permission to film?

    • Thanks David, its still a work in progress. I won’t win any awards today but maybe in a few years :-) Gotta start somewhere. Good point on the lingering, I’ll work on that in the next one.

      I was actually surprised how many people asked me to be included in the filming. I think it might be part of the culture here but I didn’t encounter anyone who was camera shy. For the vast majority it was just the opposite. I actually had one moment where someone was filming me, filming someone else who was taking a picture of their food. It got really meta :-p

  • Donald

    Great work on this. Just subscribed and looking forward to seeing more videos :-)

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