Do you know someone who doesn’t have to follow the rules? Someone who consistently does things that should be impossible? In this video, we explore how to become that special kind of person.

Outlier Status is the most powerful form of freedom. It allows you to live in a personalized and better version of the world that everyone else occupies. The following are the steps to reach this special status:

1. Start Consciously Thinking About The Rules In Your Society

  • This applies to cultural rules, not laws.
  • Once you are aware, you can start picking and choosing which are applicable to you.

2. Find An Area Of Interest To You Personally

  • A great place to start is YouTube.
  • Find an interest and dive deep.

3. Pick an “Impossible” Goal

  • Get ferocious!
  • Your goal acts as your measuring stick.
  • Obsess about being consistent.

4. Surround Yourself With Other Outliers

  • Start to make the unusual your usual.
  • Surround yourself with positive drivers.

5. Chip Away At Your Goal

  • Take your big goal and break it into small pieces.
  • Make progress on the small pieces and you will slowly make progress on the big goal.

6. Return To The Normal World As An Outlier

  • Once you achieve the “impossible”, you attain the most powerful kind of freedom.
  • Repeat
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