The most important preparation you can do to heighten your chances of having a successful trip is to pack light and smart. This video covers my favorite methods for packing everything you need into as small of a bag as possible.

Carry-On Only Packing List Video Notes:

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If you want to see the packing list video or the complete list of what I pack, check out this blog post here.

Maximize Constraints

  • Intentionally give you less space initially by packing more bags

Purposefully Underpack

  • Pack Essential Clothing
  • Pack Essential Toiletries
  • Buy or Rent All of Your Common Items While On Your Trip

Packing Tips

  • Use Zip Lock Bags Instead of Packing Cubes
  • Fill In Nooks With Wrinkle Free Items
  • Put Heaviest Things On Declared Bottom & Needed Things In Front

You are not done yet! Now you need to put these tactics into action!

Now is the time to turn your thoughts into action! Figure out when you next trip is and challenge yourself to go carry-on only. You are not going to find a better time to start than now!