The Carry-On Only Packing List

The most important preparation you can do to heighten your chances of having a successful trip is to pack light and smart. This video covers my favorite methods for packing everything you need into as small of a bag as possible.

Carry-On Only Packing List Video Notes:

I just checked and Amazon is running a sale right now on my favorite bag. You can get it right now for 60% off! That is the best deal I have ever seen on it. Check it out!

If you want to see the packing list video or the complete list of what I pack, check out this blog post here.

Maximize Constraints

  • Intentionally give you less space initially by packing more bags

Purposefully Underpack

  • Pack Essential Clothing
  • Pack Essential Toiletries
  • Buy or Rent All of Your Common Items While On Your Trip

Packing Tips

  • Use Zip Lock Bags Instead of Packing Cubes
  • Fill In Nooks With Wrinkle Free Items
  • Put Heaviest Things On Declared Bottom & Needed Things In Front

You are not done yet! Now you need to put these tactics into action!

Now is the time to turn your thoughts into action! Figure out when you next trip is and challenge yourself to go carry-on only. You are not going to find a better time to start than now!

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  • Cool idea about buying locally. We went to London last year and dragged our huge suitcase around from the airport to the tube to the hotel. Total pain. We should have just planned a day of shopping. Especially, since the hotel was next to Harrod’s. Hahaha…Expensive!!

    • Lol, yeah I have made that mistake once too often, thus the reason I travel only carry-on now :-) Glad you see the value.

      Cheers bud!

  • I am not sure if this will work for women :) There are so many things i need that you haven’t mentioned :)

    • Hey Melissa!

      I thought long and hard before responding. Obviously, I am male so, admittedly, I have a male bias.

      I chatted with a few different women about this video to get alternative perspectives and all of them agreed with you :-)

      While I think my general points (pack less, buy local, pack your bag smartly) apply to all people regardless of gender, I think I missed something in the implementation.

      Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep my bias in mind going forward with these videos.


  • Dominic Walker

    I like this. Having just moved, and spent 5 years trying to divest myself of “Stuff” I still travel very heavy. My dad 89 and going strong is a world traveler who shows up at the house with 2 bags, one for books, an avid reader who trades on his travels and one for clothes. Where is the washing machine is the first question. Can always turn out smart, sports coat, slacks, shirt and shoes. I am trying.

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