Are you thinking about traveling abroad but afraid you will be lonely? In this video I cover techniques for making new friends in foreign countries.

Find Friends Where You Sleep

The easiest place to find new friends is to go to the places where other foreigns lodge. The most effective of these are:

  1. Hostels
  2. Hotel Lobby Bars
  3. Airbnb (although only rent from individuals, not agencies)

Find People With Similar Interests

This one is obvious but here are some resources to make this even easier and more straightforward.

Embrace Your Newness

  • Hop-on Hop-off City Tours
  • Craigslist
  • Local Language Classes

You are not done yet! Now you need to put these tactics into action!

Now is the time to turn your thoughts into action! If you are abroad, use one of the tactics above to make yourself mr or mrs popular! If you are not abroad, use one of the resources above to be a tourist in your own town and make new friends. It will make for great practice for your next trip.