A New Monthly Life List (June 2014): Fun, Free and in Your Neighborhood

It is monthly life list time again! This month you will find a whole new assortment of local, free and helpful activities that you can start doing today in order to add more adventure to your life and start building bucket list momentum.

If this is your first time seeing one of these monthly lists, now is your chance to try out the Life List lifestyle without having to fully commit yourself. Find a friend, set aside some time and use this mission as an excuse to go adventuring! If you get a good story out of completing any of these items, come back to this post and share your experiences with the community. We want to hear from you!

Monthly Life List: June 2014

The following is a life list that is meant to be fun, free and something that you can do locally. The only guideline is you should aim to finish as many items as possible by the deadline (see below!).

  • Learn how to properly use a weapon
  • Google yourself
  • Tell a joke publicly
  • Mark all of your past travels on a map
  • Submit an article to your local newspaper/blog
  • Grow something
  • Plan a party
  • Climb a tree
  • Take a photo you love
  • Fix something that is broken

The Deadline

No Life List would be complete without a deadline. This monthly life list’s deadline is:

June 30th 2014

How Did You Do On The Last List?

Do you have any stories, suggestions or photos from working on the last list? Share them in the comments below! The whole group wants to hear from you!

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  • Dan

    I like the idea of the Monthly Life List. It seems your list for this month is more than half way completed for me – the little victories!

    Learn how to properly use a weapon
    – Currently practicing with a crossbow. I bought a pistol crossbow last year and a nice target, used it half a dozen times and shelved it. Time to get serious with it!

    Google yourself
    – As a marketer/developer, this is a regular enough activity.

    Mark all of your past travels on a map
    – I did this as soon as I read this post. The map isn’t too impressive yet :)

    Grow something
    – I have an entire backyard of this going on as we speak (gardening, gardening, gardening!)

    Plan a party
    – Currently planning a good BBQ with friends for later in the month.

    Take a photo you love
    – This one is a constant effort.

    Fix something that is broken
    – Repaired the concrete steps leading to my front steps on Saturday!

    • Hi Dan!

      Some of those are big victories! :-)

      The image of crossbow practice made me laugh. Sounds super fun.

      Keep up the efforts, I’d like to see the photography as you continue to make progress!


  • Kate L.

    Thanks for the new list!

    Just like Dan, above, I already have the weapon in practice – I knew I was getting serious about my tai chi practice when I started complaining that my (townhouse) backyard does not have enough space to practice fully with my staff ;)

    I’m looking forward to ‘working’ on these!

    • lol, that is amazing that you ran into a problem like that :-) Nice work, that shows you are doing something worthwhile. Good luck with the rest of the items!

  • Okay, I’m already uncomfortable with some of the things on this list. You’ve done your job.

    • Buahah :-) Glad to hear it, looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  • michael d

    I have begun doing many of my bucket list items after seeing your adventures, starting small and local like you stated above…I think maybe the coolest thing about your list as well as what I’m learning on mine is the “honorable mention” list…the things you set out to accomplish and then have the surprise of doing something associated with your list you never expected…its so exciting to have this happen when you least expect it…..

    FYI, I entered a food eating contest on my list, and little did I know, I also saw a competitor break a world record in GYROS eaten in 10 minutes..lol….honorable mention list #1…it was little but at the same time AWESOME….a world record is a world record u know!!

    Thanks Bud…..

    • Hey Michael,

      It sounds like you are understanding the true value of working on your list, the unexpected things that happen as the result of an exciting lifestyle :-) Keep me updated on your progress!

      Super cool about the Gyros! How many did he or she eat in 10 mins?!

      • michael d

        24 gyros in ten minutes!! it was awesome…I put on my list to witness a world record, figured it would be when i attend the olympics, never thought it would be at an eating contest!!

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