The following 11 tiny tweaks (each which take 3 minutes or less) have made the most disproportional differences in my life:

  1. Making my socks interchangeable. (I have two sock types; business and casual. Each sock within the same group is interchangeable with every other sock in the same group.)
  2. Starting every day with a prioritized to-do list. (I keep it simple and mark each item for the following day as either critical or non-critical.)
  3. Auditing my friendships. Is someone always negative? If so, why would they still be my friend?
  4. Experimenting with different goals/lifestyles often! You will never know what makes you thrive until you are able to find it.
  5. Ditching my traditional savings account (which actually lost money when you factor in inflation) and investing in low fee index funds.
  6. Setting a “go to sleep” alarm on my phone.
  7. Carrying a laptop power extension cord with me. (This is helpful for difficult to reach plugs in coffee shops and elsewhere.)
  8. Traveling with a small roll of gaff tape (gaffers tape is better than duct tape as it doesn’t melt easily and it doesn’t leave residue.)
  9. For every new item I get, I ditch two of my old items (I give them to friends, charity or if necessary, the nearest trash can.)
  10. Traveling often. There is no better form of education.
  11. The rare moments when I stop just reading good advice online and actually go out and apply it!

What about you? What tiny tweaks in your life have produced the most worthwhile results?