Regardless of what your passion may be, there is one global truth. Somewhere on the Internet, be it on the front page of the most popular website or in the trenches of some wordpress/4chan/reddit/tumbler page there is someone who shares your passion and can act as an inspiration. My passion, my life list, is no exception. There are many people who inspire me and today I’d like to introduce you to them.

Last week, I sent e-mails out to all of the top bucket list bloggers on the Internet. I have been following each of these people for a while now and was humbled/excited to have the chance to interview them. For my interview, I asked them a single question:

What has been your favorite bucket list adventure thus far?

I figured that I have a lot to learn from these people and I wanted to do that as efficiently as possible. Below are their adventures:

Top Bucket List Adventures

(unordered, they are all great ;-p)

Jennifer at Scarlet Wonderland


Visiting the Bangkok Train Market

“My favourite bucket list adventure so far accidentally came about by accident. When I was in Bangkok, I mentioned to the lovely lady, Ning, who had picked us up at the airport that I really wanted to see the Bangkok markets – meaning the famous floating ones you see in James Bond. Ning then took it upon herself to not only show us the floating markets… but to take us on a tour of every single market in Bangkok, which just happened to include one of the most ridiculous and memorable places I’ve ever been – the Bangkok Train Market. It looks normal enough when you arrive, but this market is actually on a train track… a used train track. So, basically, a few times a day shoppers and sellers alike have to fling themselves out of the way of a roaring train! I was absolutely bewildered!”

To get the full picture of this (with images!) check out the post at:

Annette at Bucket List Journey


Swimming with Stingrays in Grand Cayman

“Surprisingly, my favorite bucket list adventure was actually not the most death-defying, that would definitely be reserved for sky diving or zorbing down a steep hill in Barcelona. Instead, the most memorable bucket list check was swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman. Stingray City not only boasts the most gorgeous blue waters, but it is home to dozens of stingray who were just waiting for my arrival. I was taken aback by their size, surprised by their soft skin and in awe by their gentle nature. The couple of hours spent petting, feeding and swimming with these creatures will last a lifetime in my mind.”

Read the whole story here –

Jenny at


Mt. Yasur Volcano

“I think my favorite bucket list item to cross off was the night I convinced my guide to hike up to Mt. Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island in Vanuatu with me in the middle of the night so that I could watch it one last time before I left. It was dark, our flashlights went out, and it started to rain. But it was a beautiful moment in the middle of the night watching the volcano explode right in front of us.”

While this story is amazing, it is really just the tip of the bucket list iceberg. Check out more of her stories here:

Sean of


Running a Marathon

“For me, I don’t know if it was my favorite but the thing I felt most accomplished for was running a marathon. This was something on my list that I never, ever thought I’d be able to do, so I was pretty emotional once I accomplished it.”

See the full mile (or 26.2 of them… har har) at

Erik at The Bucket List Society


Climbing Kilimanjaro

“Definitely– climbing Kilimanjaro was my favorite.”

Read his really amazing (and practical) story here –

Lesley at Bucket List Publications


Performing aerobatics in a biplane

“Performing aerobatics in a biplane! It was insane, beautiful, and thrilling.”

See the whole thing here –

Trav the Bucket List Guy


Life in General

Travis has led a hell of a life (and is only getting started). On his list of favorites was:

  • * Climbing to Mt. Everest’s Advanced Basecamp as an asthmatic with his dad. (6500 m)
  • Attending the Eurovision Grand Finals
  • Meeting Richard Branson
  • Completing an Ironman Triathlon
  • Watching a volcanio erupt

You can read about these adventures and more at

Shane at


Burning Man

Choosing between what I have done and experienced thus far, I would have to pick Burning Man as one of my top bucketlist adventures. What is Burning Man? To me it is a utopia but Burning Man is different for everyone. It’s unreal how friendly, happy, and considerate people are at Burning Man. People are free to fully express themselves in a peaceful manner. There are a variety of free educational workshops that are held throughout the week. Artist construct mind blowing pieces of art work and mutant automobiles. It gave me a glimpse of what we could have on this Earth, which a collaboration of peace and harmony. There is only problem though. What I say about Burning Man and the pictures & videos that you can see will never do Burning Man any justice. This place you need to experience, otherwise you will never know.

Check out his whole story at:

CeCe at Life’s Little Victories


Okavango Delta

“This was a tough decision, as I have been fortunate to travel to 6 continents, and over 45 countries, however probably my most favorite adventure was my experience at the Okavango Delta in Botswana. I have never loved an experience so much that I cried when I left (and I’m not your typical sappy chick that cries over every Nicholas Sparks flick). The best word I can describe my experience at the Okavango Delta is MAGICAL.

The journey started with a flight in a tiny 5 seater plane over the Delta landing on an airstrip by the camp. Of course, this is the Delta, and literally in the middle of nowhere, so our landing was complicated by a herd of Elephants parading around the strip. From there we took a boat ride to the camp that we would spend the next three days. My “tent” was beautiful and had a proper toilet, running water, electricity, an outdoor shower, and a patio overlooking the Delta. During the night I was serenaded by the animals playing in the water, or walking by the tents in search of food. Because the tents were virtually out in the wild, we had armed guards walk us to our tents.

From the main viewing area of the camp we could watch baboons playing in trees, and elephants taking baths just meters away. The camp also offered activities including multiple mokoro rides (one during sunset that I had to pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream), a motor boat ride in search of hippos, and two days of walking safaris. During our last day of walking safaris, we were surrounded by elephants, and had to run and climb to the top of an abandoned termite mount to seek safety.

My loved ones think I’m crazy to love experiences such as this, but to me, going out of your safety net, and experiencing the unfamiliar is one of the main reasons I continue traveling.”


If you aren’t already, I highly recommend following these folks. They are inspirations of mine and if your experience is anything like mine, you will learn a lot from them.

Is there anyone I should add to this list? If so, who? I’d love to read about their adventures!

Keep on truckin’!