Update: Happy April Fools everything! I hope you enjoyed the holiday. Now that it is over, the Internet can go back to normal.

“Just because you are dead doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve your goals!”

In honor of the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection yesterday, I decided to launch a sister blog to Life Listed called Death Listed. The new blog will be your source for all of your post-life goal needs.

While this may seem like a joke to some of you, I am actually talking quite seriously. With the advent of modern medical procedures, I believe that death will soon become a thing of the past. As such, I want to gain first movers advantage of this target market (the dead and the undead) and become their first ‘dead’icated blogger.

In addition to creating the new blog, I have also created a list of things that I want to accomplish after I have died. I am calling this my “already kicked the bucket list”. Unlike my Life list, this list doesn’t have a deadline. That would just be silly.

My “Already Kicked the Bucket List” Includes:

Fun Things to Do:

  1. Actually haunt a house
  2. Lay really still in a coffin for eternity
  3. Scare people on the moon
  4. Go trick or treating
  5. Hijack a hearse and initiate the newcomer

The Dead World’s Funniest Adventures:

  1. Visit my living friends, convince them I am not actually dead and then laugh at them as they realize I was punking them dead style.
  2. Play this prank on someone
  3. Continually steal peoples socks from the dryer

Famous People To Meet:

  1. Dance with Bernie from Weekend at Bernies
  2. Meet Casper and ask him why the hell he is so friendly
  3. Hang out with the people Twilight is based on
  4. Visit Dracola’s castle.
  5. Snap with the Adam’s Family

And more!

But that’s not all! Check out the fantastic line-up of dead bloggers who have already agreed to guest post!

Featured Guest Bloggers

  1. Zombie Abraham Lincoln (played by dead Daniel Day-Lewis)
  2. Zombie Michael Jackson
  3. Tiger Wood’s Self Image
  4. Fake Dead Steve Jobs
  5. Kelly Osborne