An Update On My Six Pack Abs Goal

A special update on my six pack abs goal.

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What Are You Going To Do When You Reach Your Goal? Aren’t You Taking This Too Seriously?

That is something I have thought a lot about. The real goal of earning six pack abs is to push myself farther than I have pushed myself before and thus grow from the experience. The growth is the goal, not the abs themselves. (We all already have six packs, they are just covered on most people.) Once I achieve my goal, I look good and feel healthy now so I am going to incorporate what I have learned during the process and focus on maintaining a happy medium somewhere between where I am today and where I will be a few months from now.

Big And Special Shoutouts To The Following For Their Heroic Support:

Ann & Paul, (Tarzan) Sam, Stefan, Travis, James, Sam, Megan, Cooper, TJ, Jennifer, Toni, Gerrod, Jamie, Silvio, Gemma and Dana!

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  • Dude, you’ve got this. This might be one of the tougher items on your list. But I’ve seen you accomplish so much in just a few years. I’ll make sure to ask you about progress when I see you around Seattle. :)

    • Thanks buddy, as always, I appreciate the support!

  • John Doherty

    You got this, Danny! From my own experience (and I don’t have a 6-pack anymore) it’s a combination of exercise, eating right, and the right genes. I’ve found with my body that cutting out alcohol makes a huge difference, but even more specifically it’s cutting out *beer* and then limiting my lactose intake (because I’m borderline lactose intolerant. I only have milk with coffee). I barely drive and try to ride my bike everywhere possible (pretty easy in San Francisco). I cut out red meat, which actually isn’t that hard because there are a LOT of delicious white meat animals.

    Keep at it, man. You’ll get it!

    • Thanks John, all of that sounds like great advice. I am already on no lactose or alcohol but I’ll look into red meat, I am eating mostly chicken anyway so that might not be that hard of a change.

      You the man! Thanks :-)

  • I commend your persistence Danny Dover. Do you have a sense of whether you are having difficulty (1) getting body fat % below 10% or (2) building ab muscle? If you’ve got a clean diet with ample protein, lots of healthy fats, and you are keeping the calories down, I would expect you to get below 10% body fat with the effort you have apparently put into this. If not, there are a few things to consider. One of them is your hormones, most importantly how much (T3) thyroid hormone your body is able to use. Most people with low-level thyroid/hormone issues go years before they get a savvy doctor who calls their attention to it (most docs miss it or may prescribe the wrong type of thyroid hormone for your body).

    • Thanks for the support bud! :-)

      In answer to your question, I am having difficulty with getting my body fat % below 10%. I have the abs I want, I can feel them through the belly fat.

      I am pretty sure (it is hard to be definitive with something as complex as the human body) that my genes are working against me (at least from the perspective of this goal) and that my best solution is a long and consistent routine of a consistent, sensible and simple daily diet with daily intensive exercise (allowing for days to recover and build). I did 3 months on my routine in Germany and made great progress. My current routine (which is similar but not the same) is planned to last at least 4 months.

      Put simply, I believe the solution is just being consistent for longer than 3 months.

      That said, I’ll look into T3. Maybe there is something I am not seeing that is preventing me from making more progress.

      Thanks for your insights and support!

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