Storytelling is the most enduring form of communication. Whether you are a salesman, artist, writer, marketer, director, politician, or almost any other profession, improving your storytelling abilities will make you more effective at your job and aid you in your social life.

Storytelling School is a free video series that will teach you how to improve your storytelling skills by analyzing the techniques of master storytellers (Next week is Walt Disney!).

I have produced the first few videos already and depending on audience demand, (that means you :-p), I will continue producing more going forward. This is an experiment, so let me know if you are interested in seeing more of this kind of content.

The Longer Story

It recently occurred to me that storytelling is at the core of almost all of my interests and projects. Be it digital marketing, writing this blog, or pursuing my bucket list, storytelling is the common trait that unites my passions and keeps me moving forward. I have spent the last decade working individually on those areas of my life (First digital marketing, then writing and most recently bucket listing) and have been looking for a way to make more progress while still maintaining focus.

I realized that if I want to take all of my activities to the next level, storytelling would be a great area to focus on. Improving the foundation that supports my interests will, at least in theory, improve everything I do.

When I looked for a free course on storytelling to learn more, I couldn’t find one. I started deep diving the subject by studying the techniques of master storytellers and realized that I should share my new learnings with all of you (teaching is the best way to learn). Thus this experimental series. is a blog about living a happy and purposeful life. My goal is to help all of you improve your life story. This potential video series is a step further. I now want to help all of you improve your life story and then share it in the most effective and helpful way possible.

Check out the video above and let me know if this subject interests you. If so, I’ll keep releasing videos after the initial three.