I consider myself to be extremely efficient. I run SEO with a team of three for one of the world’s top websites, I finish a new life list item on average about once every two weeks, I travel a little less than half of each month and I read a new book about once a week. In my world, things move incredibly fast.

My normal life speed is what led me to one of my most important insights.

Life has a funny way of setting speed limits for truly important activities.

In the same way that light can travel only up to a certain speed, a limited amount of life activities have an upper bound speed limit. The following are the ones that I have discovered thus far:


Relationships are the foundation for humanity. They evolve over time and dictate our behavior in an unparalleled manner. Although some relationships can develop quickly, the most treasured friends are the ones that last a lifetime.


Education is the most important gift someone can give. The best forms of education take years of learning to eventually climax into mastery. It is this act that propels humanity forward.


Health is the great human equalizer. It typically stays more or less steady for years until the sum of countless small decisions make a fast impact.


Although joy can move quickly in either direction, true happiness stays mostly constant over time. I believe it is this stability that powers human will.

I don’t think that it is a coincidence that these are also some of the most important aspects of life. Rather, I think it is a signal.

In a world where speed and efficiency are increasingly rewarded, it seems that the ultimate prizes are earned by moving slowly. Next time you find yourself up against a natural speed limit, take a minute and smile. You have found something worth doing.