It is monthly life list time again! This month you will find a whole new assortment of local, free and helpful activities that you can start doing today in order to add more adventure to your life and to start making progress on your life list. This month, challenge yourself to do one more item than you did on the last list. It is a great way to build momentum!

If this is your first time seeing one of these monthly lists, now is your chance to try out the Life List lifestyle without having to fully commit yourself. Find a friend, set aside some time and use this mission as an excuse to go adventuring! If you get a good story out of completing any of these items, come back to this post and share your experience with the community. We want to hear from you!

Monthly Life List: February 2015

The following is a life list that is meant to be fun, free and something that you can do locally. The only guideline is you should aim to finish as many items as possible by the deadline (see below!).

  • Challenge yourself to do one thing at a time for an entire day
  • Learn a card trick
  • Create a work area in your home and stop working elsewhere in your home.
  • Go in a boat
  • Eat you absolute favorite meal
  • Fast for a day
  • Make fire without a typical fire starter
  • Read a religious text
  • People watch
  • Only use your phone as a one-way device for a day (no texts, outbound calls or web surfing)

The Deadline

No Life List would be complete without a deadline. This monthly Life List’s deadline is:

February 28th 2015

How Did You Do On The Last List?

Do you have any stories, suggestions or photos from working on the last monthly life list? Share them in the comments below! The whole group wants to hear from you!

Photo is of Cows outside of Medellin, Colombia. Because, you know, why not? :-p