500 Days On The Ice Cream Diet

I eat ice cream every single day. I have a dedicated monthly ice cream budget and the proximity of an ice cream parlor was a factor when I picked my apartment. (There are five in a two block radius of where I live.) Some people love coffee, some people love soft drinks, I love ice cream. 500 days ago I made the specific decision to embrace this oddity of mine and it has proven to be the most impactful small decision I have ever made.

Allow Me to Explain

The ice cream diet is not really about ice cream. Instead, it is about realizing what you love and allowing yourself to embrace that part of you fully and without guilt. Be it eating ice cream, popping bubble wrap, or reading f7u12 cartoons, the important part isn’t the medium, it is the act of fully allowing yourself to indulge in one thing without thinking or caring about the down sides.

There are a thousand reasons I shouldn’t indulge in this gluttonous act everyday but there is one overwhelming reason why I should. Ice cream is a small thing that makes me very happy. I enjoy it fully and allow it to consume me for a few short moments. Many of my friends have commented that my body language lights up when I eat it.

There are many times in my day when I have to say no to something that I actually want to say yes to. No, I can’t go out and do that, I need to work. No, I can’t do that, I am dating someone else. (wait what?) No, I can’t buy that, I need to save money. Ice cream is my exception. The answer is always yes.

What Is the Ice Cream in Your Ice Cream Diet?

It is not the ice cream in the ice cream diet that is important. You can (and should) indulge in whatever small pleasure makes you happy once a day. The only rules are:

  1. The act must be simple
  2. It must be done daily for many weeks (500 days?)
  3. It must be done completely without guilt

Below is a list of some things that might be right for you:

  • Wearing really soft socks
  • Spinning in your office chair
  • Having morning sex
  • Playing Mario
  • Shouting the name of objects you see (Bird!)
  • Whistling
  • Taking naps
  • Dipping everything in ranch dressing
  • Always wearing an apron
  • Humming 80’s sitcom themes
  • Crushing people you don’t like with your mind
  • Making your mom jokes (Your mom makes your mom jokes)
  • Eating potato chips
  • Planning your next bucket list activity
  • Walking around your house without pants

I won’t be able to tell you what the ice cream in your ice cream diet is but I bet your friends can. Ask them what quirks you have and you will be able to identify your unique flavor.

Life is full of compromises, don’t make your happiness one of them.

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  • Jimmy Smith

    Interesting view but what about weight gain?

    • Yeah I should have touched on that!

      I do this “diet” in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The ice cream isn’t helping me physically but it gives me the mental boost to work out more. Because of that and a bunch of other factors, I am currently in the best shape of my life :-)

  • Hmmm…I do three of those things on that list. Two of them are Wearing really soft socks & Taking naps and I’ll leave the third one to your imagination.

    • Hendrix

      Yes, it’s clear from your expression that you eat potato chips.

  • Mark Rudholm

    Su vida es un testimonio del milagro de helado, mi amigo.

    • I can use Google Translate too Mark ;-p

      • Mark Rudholm

        ¿jajaja, sabes que soy Mexicano, no?

      • Joe McLaren


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  • jcworth

    Danny, I stumbled upon you because I was listening to an SEO webcast you did for att. I love your blog. Inspiring as hell. I have been in a funq, and I am going to use your blog to get me OUT of it. Thank you brother. Will keep you posted.

    • Danny Dover

      That is awesome to hear :-) Best of luck, I’ll keep the posts coming!

  • KP

    Love your blog & I love ice cream! I love it too much!!! The earliest memory I have of it, was 23 years ago, when I was 4 years old and my mom gave birth to my baby brother. My dad and I were visiting them in the hospital, and as my dad and I were leaving, I just didn’t want to leave my mom, and I remember crying and crying… and this old lady stopped us, I’m guessing she was in her 70’s. She stopped and bought me ice cream in the hospital lobby! That was the earliest hit, I can remember! I could forgo drugs and alcohol.. just give me ice cream and I’m fine any day!

  • Let me just say that I absolutely love your philosophy on life. It is so easy to get sucked into the have tos in life and then when we do indulge we have that guilt thing happening. One of my mentors told me to go blow bubbles outside for stress relief.

    I felt really silly doing it but it did exactly what he said. Now I keep a box of liquid bubbles around and head on out to the beach or just to sit in the yard and destress by doing this simple activity.

    You have your ice cream and I have my bubbles. Both make our lives all the sweeter.

    • :-) That is amazing advice. Tell your mentor (and yourself) I say thank you!

      Going out to blow bubbles not because I am stressed but just because I haven’t in too long.


  • Joe McLaren

    That was freaken hilarious!!!! I am so sharing this on fb!!! I love ice cream – I eat it all the time and have found that I have lsot a bit of weight.

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  • Kate

    This was a really nice story for you to share. I had just gotten through with a really crappy day at work and on my way home, stopped to get a little bit of icecream. I read your blog as I ate it and instead of worrying about the extra calories I was no going to have to work away, I just simply enjoyed my treat. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us all to enjoy the simple things in our lives that make us who we are. God bless.

  • i think this is shocking !!

  • Don Grant

    Where is that ice cream shop in the photo? It looks amazing!

  • This is a fantastic idea! I was thinking about the weight gain involved with something like this (my ice cream is chips! I can’t say no to them! Which is one of the reasons I hardly buy them!) … but if I work out a deal with myself to eat the chips only on the days I go jogging… maybe I’ll jog more often! :D

    Hmmm…. I might try this.

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  • Angelo

    I had Ice Cream as my only meal for about one year. I would eat either two pints or a half gallon /day. Usually during the evening while watching my latest Netflixs movie. I had only a cup of organic black coffee w/red pepper pwd. in it. As you say to fully indulge in the thing you most crave was why I did it. Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream from Breyers became my all time favorite. I also wanted to prove that health and nutrition do not all come from the food we eat. Real nutrition is in the Prana [google it]. Prana and Cosmic Rays are what keep all life going on this planet. Food often kills us.
    I also ate French Fries and Mayo for one year. Same purpose.
    My body never changed from the lean muscly physique I carry at age 61.

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