From time to time we all hit walls. We know we should be doing something productive but just can’t make ourselves do it. Instead, we get preoccupied with Facebook or with that funny smell in the office fridge (is that just me?) It is times like these that I turn to the following videos to help drive me forward. I have watched A LOT of inspiration videos online. The problem with most of these videos was that most of them were only eye candy. The videos below however, actually routinely drive me to start acting.

5. Sasquatch Music Festival 2009

I first saw this video when Seth Godin posted it on his blog several years ago. It starts out silly and quickly accelerates into something real. As Seth mentioned, it is not the first or the second dancing guy who deserves the credit, it the third guy who took it the next level.

4. Tony Robbins TED Talk

My goal for a while was to watch every TED talk. I made it through over a hundred before realizing I needed to find a better use of my time :-) Out of all of those, this is my favorite. Tony Robbins was born to motivate people and this may be his best performance.

3. I Still Have A Soul

Apple usually gets the credit for making the world’s most inspiring commercials (1984). While it produced some gems, I think this one by HBO takes inspiration to a new level. Thanks Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness for introducing me to this video.

2. Steve Jobs Commencement Address

When Steve Jobs died earlier this week it took me about 30 minutes after reading it on Twitter before I started to cry. I walked out of my office where everyone else was stunned and went for a long walk. Steve Jobs is my biggest inspiration and the perfect example of the kind of person I would like to become. This speech below is one of his most important legacies. It largely contributed to me starting my own life list. (See his third story in the video below.)

1. One Man’s 120 Pound Journey

This is my favorite inspirational video of all time. It routinely gives me the chills and was one of the major enablers for me when I ran my marathon. I sincerely hope it benefits your life as much as it has mine. Thank you Ben.

These are the videos that inspire me to move forward. What videos inspire you?