Smarter Than Smart Travel Tips

Smart travel tips from around the world and hacks on how to make them even smarter.

Accessing Local Currency


Get local currency from the ATM at your destination airport. By doing that, you can access money in a secure area (there is usually an ATM before you leave customs) and you know you are getting a fair conversion rate.


Get foreign currency from your local bank. Most major banks will provide you with foreign currencies free of charge. Getting the foreign currency beforehand negates the possibility of you running out of cash due to foreign ATMs not accepting your card or in the event that you card is stolen. One note, just get a few days worth of foreign cash. There is no need (and it is probably unwise) to get your whole trips worth of cash beforehand.

Traveling with Smelly Clothes


Pack a spare bag to use as a laundry bag to prevent your smelly clothes from infecting your clean clothes.


Pre-pack dryer sheets and put them in the dry-cleaning bag from your hotel room. This way, your dirty clothes smell good and you don’t need to remember to pack an extra bag!

Charging Accessories


Pack your charging cables in your carry-on so that you can charge your devices on the go.


Do the previous tip plus pack an extra multi-purpose cable in your carry-on. This way you can charge multiple devices at once (using both cables) and it helps you in the event that one of your charging cables breaks.

Ironing Clothes


Use a hair dryer or the steam from a hot shower to iron your clothes while traveling.


Just don’t bring any clothes that need to be ironed :-p

Emergency Ear Plugs


Pack a pair of ear plugs in your luggage. This is especially helpful when your lodging is loud and you can’t sleep.


Pack a pair of ear plugs in your wallet so that you always have access to them! This is especially helpful when you are at loud events!

Hat Tip To Sonia Gil for the inspiration for this video!

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  • mikevallano

    Yes, don’t bring clothes that need to be ironed :)

    I love the headphones tip too. My wallet might be a bit small for that, but maybe I’ll keep them in my 5th pocket in my jeans.

    And Sonia Gil rocks!

    • That secret pocket makes a lot of sense if your wallet isn’t an option. Smart move! Cheers bud!

  • Chris

    Most banks where I live charge for foreign currency and give you poor exchange rates. ATMs abroad give you better rates usually.

    • That is a shame :-/ Glad to hear you found a better option though!

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