I have a bit of a fun and practical post for you today. Always reflect your goals in your passwords. Allow me to explain.

There are very few things in my life that are as annoying as having to remember passwords. I alluded in an earlier post that I use a program called 1Password to remedy this problem but unfortunately this doesn’t help me at work. Due to some security rules I can’t store my passwords and I most update them once a month. For these, I have developed a trick.

Whenever I have to assign a new password, I choose one of my life list items, add a few random characters, and create a new password.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you want to be able to do 100 push-ups by the end of January. Try reflecting that in your most commonly used password.

Example: 100push-ups!

If you do this, you will force your conscious and sub-conscious mind to think about this goal as many times a day as you are required to type in your password. If your day is like mine, this will be many times :-)

This technique will improve your cyber security and help you commit to your goals all in one easy step! It’s as simple as that.

Below are some more examples just for fun:

  • DidIwalk2work?
  • Work0utToday!
  • E@tOutLess
  • Save4Retirement:
  • Stop&SmellTheRoses
  • S@ve4Hawaii
  • $PayOffDebt
  • $ignUp4OnlineDating
  • n0CaffineFrid@ys
  • SignUp4SpanishCl@ss!

I wrote this post while sitting in a coffee shop in Santa Monica, CA. If you find yourself here, I recommend first going to the beach ;-p and then getting some work done while enjoying some herbal tea.