Great College Pranks You Can Actually Do (Tin Foil & Packing Peanuts)

No reason to beat around the bush. This post really has nothing to do with my bucket list. Instead it has to do with something that is way more cool but in a different way. Today’s post is about elaborate pranks.

While writing my last post, I was having a really hard time finding a personal photo that had to do with decluttering. The best I could find was a bunch of suitcases stacked up in Chile and my old college room filled with packing peanuts. This put a huge smile on my face and inspired this post. Above all else, the best way to get me into my zone is to get me obsessed with a hairy logistical event. (Not literally) Be it figuring out how to get a second passport or how not to die when I unexpectedly found myself in Belize, I freaking love it. Strange logistics are my version of crack.

Cue transition back to original point of blog post.

Back in college I lived in an awesome fraternity. I shared a house with about 60 other totally awesome guys (and some one named Kevin) and found myself with a lot of time on my hands.

Tin Foil Revenge

Tin foil prank

One day I returned to home after a particularly long day of classes. All I wanted to do was crash and not think about anything until the next morning. Upon entering my room I was greeted by finding my mattress had gone missing and the snickering of my roommate Hunter.

To say Hunter is a character is like describing a whale as just a really big fish. It is technically true but it leaves out some important details. Hunter is best explained by sharing stories about him.

I was once with him when he got Canadian SWAT called on him after he locked himself out of his hotel room and decided the best option to get back in was to climb the five floors on the outside of the downtown hotel to get through the balcony. (It worked!) He has a really weird ability to turn strange ideas into reality. My favorite memory of Hunter was when he somehow convinced about a dozen of the sorority girls who were living next door to us to come to his private night club (it was our bedroom). Somehow his stupid plan/pick-up line worked and we ended up charging one of our friends cover to get in :-)

My least favorite memory of Hunter was that night I got home to my mattress-less bed. Hunter and I used to share a three story bunk bed. (Different bunks in case you had the wrong visual). It was clear he was the culprit.

I vowed merciless revenge.

It was close to Christmas and being Jewish I had an entire day in the building without anyone to bother me. (Its lonely being a Jew on Christmas!) I don’t remember where I got the idea but I went out to the only place that was open (a Fred Meyer in the next city over) and bought as much tin foil as I could afford. I then spent the next 12 hours tin foiling every surface of our room. I mean that literally. Every item in every drawer, every shirt on every hanger and walls, ceiling and floor got the reflective treatment. (Well everything except for the American Flag of course. Who do you think I am?) It was my Mona Lisa… although much shinier.

My friend Ian found me the next day passed out in a tin foil covered bed and pointed out that the room looked like the inside of an easy-bake oven. I was too tired to agree :-)

The results of my labor were fantastic.

Tin Foil Details

The beauty is in the details



Several months later, Hunter got me back by duct taping everything I owned to the ceiling of our night club/bedroom. Once again, I vowed merciless revenge. This time I was going to bring out the big guns.

Packing Peanut Hell

I searched the whole Puget Sound area for a place to buy thousands and thousands of packing peanuts. I spent about a three weeks looking (shipping supply stores were cost prohibitive) and eventually found a organic grocer who felt bad throwing away the packing peanuts that came with their shipping orders. They offered me the peanuts for free but it was only one bag a week. No problem I thought, I have time.

I went back to the grocer, which was about 30 minutes away by car, and picked up a bag every week for about a year. I’d drive to the grocer, pick up the bags, drive to my parents house, drop off the bag in my old room and have dinner with my folks.

Eventually my room at my parents house couldn’t fit any more bags. It was time.

I rented a U-haul and filled my friend Pat in on the plan. We went to my parent’s house and filled the truck.

Packing Peanuts in U-haul

Your furniture is safe in here

Loading Packing Peanuts

Recruiting help

My time had come.

I waited for Hunter to go take a shower and Pat and I quickly ran from the U-haul to the bedroom holding as many bags as we could. Other brothers in the fraternity saw what was happening and without asking questions joined in. We tore open the bags and filled Hunter’s room.

Hunter heard the commotion and caught us just as we were bringing up the last few bags. He was too late. He spent the next several months picking packing peanuts out of everything he owned. :-)

Packing Peanut Filled Room

Filling her up!

Packing Peanuts Heaven

Learning about static electricity the hard way

Packing Peanut Fun

Packing peanut fun

Hunter Getting Comfortable

Hunter getting comfortable

Like I said, I really like elaborate pranks :-)

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  • Dan

    Awesome! I do miss college hijinks. Just seeing those pictures has triggered some memories of the nonsense I use to do in college. Good times!

    • I think random events like these are the best part of college. It is admittedly cheesy, but these events are what bring people together and create smiles that reappear over and over again years later.

      • Dan

        Definitely. We once wrapped a friend’s car in over 2000sqft of plastic wrap. Anytime I look at the pictures from that night, I can’t help but laugh.

  • Dad

    Danny, Thanks for bringing back a great memory. What you don’t know is that mom and I enjoyed the peanuts as much as you. When you told us that you were going to start stroing the peanuts in your old bedroom, we were not surprised. In fact it came a point of pride. We would show those peanuts to all our friends when they would come over for a visit. We had a lot of friends checking in on your progess. When the big day arrived for the peanuts to leave our house, mom and I just loved the joy this project gave you. The smile on your face was amazing and we laughed so much for days to come.
    Another proud college moment from my son!!!! Love ya!

    • I didn’t realize that :-) I am really glad to hear it became a full family effort. :-D I really enjoyed the process too and am happy I could share it with you. As you can see from my friends faces, they loved it as well. (Even Hunter!)

    • I enjoyed reading your Dad’s comment as much as I enjoyed reading your post Danny… What awesome parents you have! Makes me miss my own Dad even more :(

      That was a FAB post though and actually had me laughing out loud! What great memories to cherish, and wonderful that you also have the photographic evidence to look back on too!

      I wish you had taken pictures of Hunter’s escapades and pranks too though! This really shows off your wicked sense of humour… Thanks for sharing!

  • Stacy Kowalchuk

    Lol I heard so much about these but never got the visuals, thanks for the pics!!

  • Ricky Sookermany

    Your commitment reminds me of Johnny Cash’s song “One piece at a time”. Nice one!

  • nick

    In college, we lived in a townhouse style building, all the rooms were rather small and the place was falling apart. My buddies room was about the size of the bathroom, so we figured while he was away, we’d swap everything out of the bathroom and set it up in his room.

    The sink, toilet, cabinets, shower rod, everything. We moved everything from his room to the bathroom. It was an exact replica.

    He actually slept in the bathroom the first night.

    • lol, I still need to do a room swap prank. Nice work. Do you have pics?

      • nick

        I’ve made a promise to myself to bury most college pics, but this should be the exception. I’ll see what i can do.

  • Freakin’ LOVE the tinfoil prank! Once my roommate disassembled my entire bedroom and reassembled it in the living room. It was the best prank anyone ever played on me.

    • Clearly, you have good friends (who also happen to have a lot of time on their hands ;-p)

  • wowza. that tin foil one rules. you deserve a medal. perhaps made of tin foil. bad joke.

  • I once dated a guy that played similar pranks until it got out of hand…. It started when they collected up milk bottles (we used to get them delivered) a bit like you did with packing peanuts, then, when they had enough, they filled the path way to his front door so that it was carpeted with milk bottles… This meant the friend wither had to meticulously take them all into his house before he could leave in the morning, or else try to walk over them in his business suit…

    He retaliated by ‘borrowing’ some sheep and putting them in our back garden (we lived in town with a small yard) so that baffled, we woke at about 6 am to the unfamiliar sound of hungry sheep baaaaaa-ing us awake.

    He then responded by bricking the guy’s drive way up whilst he was away on holiday. Unfortunately, being a bit tired on his return, he totalled his car as he ploughed into the freshly built wall that he didn’t expect to be there… Amazingly-he was not unhappy, and neither was his Dad (they owned a large farm)… I believe his father actually said ‘well son-this is really starting to get interesting now!’ At that point I think my ex was pretty scared! LOL!

    • lol! I love how you ended that.

      I hope my series keeps gaining momentum. :-)

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  • Julia- aka the Cuz

    Danny- what creativity and resourcefulness! I love it! I adore how you find such joy and humor thoughout your life. From great experiences to small tasks, you enjoy and share with love. I so enjoy reading your posts; you are a talented writer. I echo Emma- I sincerely liked how your parents shared in the excitement and fun. What wonderful times and memories from something as small as packing peanuts!

  • RiderWriter

    Hi, Dan –

    I just found your blog courtesy of your friend Geraldine. I love these pranks! Definitely brings back memories of college days. I don’t know why, but the men in my dorm had it in for me. One day I came home to find about 1,000 yards of toilet paper stapled to the ceiling in strips, all on my side of the room. Taking it down was pretty fun but probably life-threatening due to the fact that it was a “popcorn” asbestos ceiling, and pieces of it cascaded down with every staple. My roomie was Not Happy, despite the fact that she obviously was the one who let the guys in.

    The next time they pulled something I arrived back at the dorm to find all – and I do mean ALL – of my things, including bed, dresser, desk and chair as supplied by the University, in the dormitory lounge. My entire side of the room had been reassembled there, complete with clothes in the closet and dresser, toiletries, office supplies, etc. My guinea pig was there in his cage, my half-drunk coffee on the desk. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or admire their hard work. Needless to say the entire dorm population got a huge kick out of this one. I threatened to go to bed then and there, but the RA made the guys put it all back.

    Just in case I though the hijinks ended once graduation was over, not long ago the team next to me in our (fairly staid software company’s) office did the aluminum foil thing to a guy’s cube for his birthday. It was great and he now has a ball of foil about 2′ in diameter as a souvenir (he has a “double cube,” so it took a LOT of foil).

    Anyway, I know this post wasn’t even about travel, but I certainly enjoyed it! I will have fun reading your travel tales as well. Already liked the one about St. Petersburg/Moscow. My mother (age 70 at the time) did the Trans-Siberian RR by herself and wound up in Moscow. She thought it was ok, loved the architecture, but was ready to go after a couple days.

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