What would happen if you gave your bucket list a deadline?
My name is Danny Dover and this is my story.
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The Minimalist Mindset

A step-by-step to guide to writing a better life story.


The Minimalist Mindset by Danny Dover
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Mission Accomplished!

As of May 25th 2017, I completed every item on my Life List. You can check out the wrap up post here.

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Adventure On The Trans-Siberian Railway

Sitting alone in the dining car, my stomach full of borsch, vodka, and beer, I sat for hours looking out the window. Being far out of cell service and thousands of miles away from my responsibilities, I was delightfully free.

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After spending over 100 hours researching, testing and using a vast number of productivity techniques, tools, books, and software, I have chosen the following productivity resources as the best of the best. This guide starts with the assumption that you know nothing about productivity and walks you step-by-step through a streamlined process for learning to be productive. This guide is a distillation of only the truly valuable resources that you need in order to master the skill of productivity in your own life.

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After interviewing award-winning radio producer (This American Life‘s Seth Lind), television writers (Bojack Horseman‘s Shauna McGarry and The Slate‘s Kevin Allison), competitive storytelling champion (The Moth‘s David Crabb), podcast hosts (Risk!‘s Kevin Allison and Michelle Walson), and best-selling author (Margo Leitman), Washington Post reporter and three-time Moth champion, Melanie Hamlett has narrowed down the key actions newcomers should take to most efficiently learn the art of storytelling.