Quitting My Job and Moving To Spain

My last few blog posts have made me feel more like the old man reminiscing about his glory days rather than the active adventurer I want and claim to be. Life is tricky in many ways but one of the trickiest aspects is trying to balance being proud of your past with being truly present. Each year this gets harder but it also creates an extremely positive incentive to make progress and live a happy life.

I am ready to start doing more. My life is extremely convenient right now. I have a job which is fine but doesn’t particularly inspire me, and live in a city that is alright but not particularly motivating. Unfortunately, convenience doesn’t make me truly happy. It is like a photographic smile, it looks like a smile but it isn’t real. Convenience makes me content but being content is not how I want to spend my time living.

Luckily I have a life list.

My list is a constant reminder to have more fun :-) It is a tool that pushes me in ways I wouldn’t otherwise have the willpower or determination to move. Put simply, it makes me happier.

Which brings me to my point. It is time to start my next adventure.

Quitting My Job

At the beginning of this week I left my high paying and extremely convenient job. The decision was actually rather clear-cut as my happiness audit told me what I was afraid to admit to myself. Lack of inspiration is not a problem money can solve. It certainly wasn’t easy (in fact it was damn hard) but I know in the most important way that it was the right choice.

Starting My Startup

Instead of just kinda working on my startup, I actually took the leap this past month and made substantial progress. My business parter Sam and I will be launching our first product later this year. I am very excited because I think the product will make people’s live genuinely better.

Speaking At Yale

I will be speaking at Yale on March 23rd. I am a college dropout and I always get excited when I get a opportunity to speak at a major university. This will be my third. If you are in New Haven at the end of the month, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the details.

Moving To Spain

And there is that little Spain thing :-) At the end of this month I will be moving to Spain in order to start the European leg of my bucket list. I don’t speak Spanish and my budget will be tight but if living in Spain is like my time living in Argentina than I know I am starting an adventure that will change my life dramatically for the better :-)

Enough talk, life is for living. I have some adventures to enjoy.

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  • Atta boy. I LOVE spain. Especially Barcelona. i actually got to eat at El Buli, I hop you can have the chance too, amazing. I am not sure how it has been affected by the euro market.
    Id like to think our little exchange had something to do with this. But for what its worth I just did the same thing, completely wound down SEO and completely turned up the volume on life again. Not the linear kind, the fly by the seat of your pants kind. While we may differ in just about every way, the common thread is the search. I have a book coming out soon, and as I read yours I felt it only fair that you read mine. Mine wont cost nearly as much I am thinking 1.99 amazon self published. At any rate, you made the right decision, i am a little sad I was not the one to fly you in my helicopter. I am sure you have seen the videos of my yanking and banking with a full crew. None the less keep kicking ass.

    • check out my blog if you get the chance:

      • I am not sure if you have ever had the chance, but in indiana they allow you to actually get up on top of an aerobatic bi-plane and stand up on the main wing. badass, and totally worth checking out. Food for thought,

        • You mean wing-walking? I did that… Look:


          Did you actually do aerobatics when you did it? If so-I might just have a flight out to the States… Just had a look at your site Todd, but it’s not exactly search friendly… I searched for ‘wing’ and ‘bi-plane’ and it yielded zilch

          • Todd

            Hey Emma, I have not done this yet. I used to hand out of the back on a C130 when I was in the army on a tether for fun, but thats as close as I have come to wing walking. Did you love it? I actually saw a television show that featured it, full blow aerobatics. It wouldnt show up on my posterous blog as I havent done it yet :)

          • It was my FAVOURITE experience thus far, but possibly because it’s the one I was dreaming about and yearning for the most! I want to do full aerobatics on one… Considering a trip to Washington to do so, as it’s the only place in the world that I know of at present that offers inverted flight to members of the general public for wing-walking…

            I have found a company here that would let me climb onto the wing in flight though, so that I start and end the flight in the cockpit and actually do the clever stuff of climbing onto the wing in 80 mph winds before they get upto full speed (120-135MPH on the straights)

    • Unfortunately, El Buli is closed. :(

      • Todd

        Well, at least I got to eat there before it did. All by myself, the place was amazing. Cheers mate.

  • Hey! I’ve been living in Spain for 6 years, so if you need anything be sure to let me know, okay? I’m in Madrid…..

    • Hey Nicole,

      Just checked out your site and subscribed. Looking forward to learning a lot from you. As it stands, I’ll be based in Barcelona. I’ll let you know when I make it over to Madrid. I have heard great things.


      • Nicole

        Ohh … very good choice on Barcelona. I just got back from there on Friday. Its one of the best cities in the world. Sounds a bit dramatic, I know – but I just love that city!!
        Good luck to you and let me know when you’re around!

  • Danny, that is so brave and cool. I always admire people who are willing to emigrate to another country and truly immerse themselves into another culture. My parents moved to France, which is culturally quite different in some ways to here in the UK (they have the work/life balance right) but spatially it was still within what I could describe as a non-threatening comfort zone that you call contentment (as it only actually takes a couple of hours to get there from where they used to live)… Close enough in fact that both of them continued to work in the UK during the week and just go ‘home’ to France at the weekends for a while

    • Thanks! Sounds like a great move for your folks. From what I hear, it sounds like I am going to enjoy it just as much.

      I love reading about your adventures as well. Take care and cheers!

      • Ahhh THANKS Danny! That’s very kind of you to say :)

        I hope you do love Spain. One of my uncles lives out there, but we’re not exactly close-so I am unlikely to visit him there. I loved Barcelona when I visited for a weekend though!

  • “Life is for living. I have some adventures to enjoy” This is so great sentence. Very inspirational. I truly hope I will say the same soon. :)

  • Way to go, Danny! If there’s anyone that knows how to make the leaps and the tough decisions to get the most out of life, it’s you. I’ve been starting to shake things up more for myself, as well, and feel relieved that there are other people in the same place that can get themselves out of the rut.

    I don’t know when our paths will cross again, but let’s keep an eye on each other and perhaps we’ll find ourselves in the same place. :) (Looking forward to seeing more about your startup, too!)

    • Hey Lauren,

      Great to hear from you! Your posts have been flooding my Facebook feed ;-p so I know you are having fun.

      Let me know if I can help support you in anyway. Specifically let me know if you are anywhere near Europe in the near future :-p

      Cheers and keep kicking ass!

  • Daaaannnngg! I love this. I did something similar last year. Quit my extremely high paying job and went to Nepal and then to Haiti to do relief work. Now I am writing. There are days when I still hear the sirens call of the salary and benefits of a full time job…even now that I know I can’t live like that.

    I am in your cheering section.


    • Thanks Kim,

      I remember reading your story a while back. I loved it and am proud to be following in your footsteps (although Nepal and Haiti for relief work is a little more generous than my adventure ;-p)

      Screw the sirens, the real adventure and challenge is finding a way to fund yourself and others.

      Best of luck!

  • Awesome dude. Glad you’re out there living the life you want to live. A lot of people take the easy road and just cruise along – including myself lately, but it really is inspiring hearing about all of these cool things you’re doing. AT&T will miss you.

    Make sure to keep everyone posted about your new startup. I know you’ll do well.

    Good luck. To Your Success!


    • Hey Cody!

      Good to hear from you as always :-) Let me know if I can help support you in any way. I don’t actually think that “cruising along” is necessary the easy road. It comes with its own challenges.

      You will be hearing about my startup here and elsewhere. Its a project I have been working on for a while now.


  • Awesome!! Spain is great and it runs at a completely different speed than the US!! Enjoy!

    • Hey April,

      Good to hear from you! It looks like from Facebook that life is good. Say hi to the “fur babies” for me. (That sounds weird ;-p)

  • Craig addyman

    All the best Danny, good luck to you! You absolute leg end :-)

  • nick

    Bravo Danny.

    Although i do have a question for you:
    Is it ever enough?

    I commend you for what you’ve accomplished and what you no doubt WILL accomplish.
    But i fear that you may be chasing the high that some addicts chase. I don’t want to peepee on your Cherios, but will you ever be happy?
    Please do not take this as sarcasm, just a serious thought on my end.
    I actually wish i was in your shoes, and hope to someday make the leap to do what you’ve done. I have nothing but positive thoughts when i think of what you’re doing and what you’ve accomplished.

    I know that travel and life experience can create this high that is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. We’ve all been on vacation and then plopped back into our cubicles, and I, like most have become depressed afterwards. Only to chase the thrill of experience again and again, experience by experience.

    Is there an end (besides the obvious) to your travels? Or will you just continue to walk the earth, like Kane in Kung Fu, lol. (pulp fiction reference)

    Best of luck my dude.

    • Hey Nick,

      That is certainly a legitimate worry. I appreciate you bringing it up.

      I am not sure if I am mid-chase or already enjoying my prize. Either way, I know I have a smile on my face and at the end of the day, that is exactly what I want when I look in the mirror.

      Cheers bud!

      (Also, please stay away from my Cheerios ;-p)

      • Hey Danny,

        I get a bit of the same vibe that Nick is having. You have a great list of things to accomplish, but how do you know it’s the RIGHT list? Is it aligned with what is truly important to you, or is it just a bunch of cool things that would be cool to do?

        Anyway, I don’t know you and so I’m not in any position to give you advice on this (plus, you DO seem to be having a hell of a time! :) ). But, if you have not already read it, I would highly recommend reading the classic “7 Habits of Highly Effective people”.

        One of my favorite quotes (paraphrased): “You can spend your whole life climbing the ladder, only to find out it is leaning against the wrong wall”.

        All the best and Spain is an AWESOME place. (Let me know if you make it to Poland)


  • SPAIN!!!! Awesome Danny I really have enjoyed reading about your changes over the last few years, it’s inspiring and pretty kick-ass awesome.
    Any plans on checking out the running of the bulls while you’re living there? My friend went 2 years ago and ran with them and met some people who go every year and are from the same city as us!
    Congrats on the leap, can’t wait to keep reading about it! :)

    • Thanks Jess :-)

      Running of the bulls is on my bucket list so yes I will without a doubt be checking it out. :-)

      You are awesome Jess, keep fighting the good fight!

  • Happiness is tough to find, when you’ve got more passion than things going on in your life. Boredom is impossible to conquer, if you’re not willing to make the necessary moves to get yourself out of your comfort zone and into the noise.

    Your blog (IE– you) is such an inspiration.

    Thank you for being you, and doing so publicly (for us to be inspired by).

  • Dan

    Awesome! It’s to bad that I’ll be out in Boston about a week after you (Link Love.) Good luck in Spain, I hear beer is cheaper than water (at least that’s what I learned in college.)

    • Well catch up another time. You rock Dan! :-)

  • Just stumbled upon your site, and what an exciting post to read first! I love your life list idea, it’s similar to a personal project I will be starting in a few weeks on my 25th birthday. I’m attempting to do something I’ve never before experienced every day for a year. I’d love you to follow my journey, as I will yours! Best wishes in Spain.


  • Tina

    Good for you Danny. The drive you have to move forward with your life, the insatiable need to keep learning and the self-discovery you continue to expand upon are the evidence of your growth towards the person I saw glimpses of when I first met you when you were in junior high. I have followed your journey with interest and will continue to do so. Keep forging your own path, it is part of what makes you the unique person that you are. Take care and safe journeys to you my friend!

  • I can’t wait to see you and Sam’s first product! Undoubtedly, both of your journeys and unique talents will produce a fantastic tool for all those you inspire. For some reason, Barbara Streisand keeps popping into my head as I post this (insert Spain for NY). Les mando mucho suerte y carino. Felicitaciones!!!

  • Danny – I love how on top of life you are and the fact that you had the balls to leave a cushy job that gave you a fair amount of freedom because at the heart of it you were not doing something that made you happy is AWESOME! Keep it up and I look up to you.

  • Tim

    Haha, this is AWESOME! I’ve been keeping up with your posts Danny; and I gotta say I figured something huge like this was coming along.

    Keep it up dude! I look forward to more inspirational tales so that one day I will follow your lead!

  • Sal

    Congrats Danny. I’ve been following you for over a year or so now. Inspiring Life you live.. That last company you left just released a good group of us. I had the opportunity of seeing your work at hand. I’m free and enjoying the peace of mind out of Corporate America. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • Danny,
    Wow – I just stumbled across this now. Congratulations to you and I wish you nothing but the best – you’ve been instrumental in getting me started in the field of SEO and I can’t thank you enough. Keep in touch – looking forward to seeing you do some great things!


  • Dude, enjoy Spain. I may be there in May. If so, would be awesome to meet up and do something crazy (sky diving or something).

  • Kevin

    If I had your old job my Life List would be:

    -Buy a house on Lake Washington
    -Buy a hot tub and top shelf liquor
    -Get a bath robe with my initials embroidered on
    -Get a Bulldog and name him Sir Pennyworth

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