My last few blog posts have made me feel more like the old man reminiscing about his glory days rather than the active adventurer I want and claim to be. Life is tricky in many ways but one of the trickiest aspects is trying to balance being proud of your past with being truly present. Each year this gets harder but it also creates an extremely positive incentive to make progress and live a happy life.

I am ready to start doing more. My life is extremely convenient right now. I have a job which is fine but doesn’t particularly inspire me, and live in a city that is alright but not particularly motivating. Unfortunately, convenience doesn’t make me truly happy. It is like a photographic smile, it looks like a smile but it isn’t real. Convenience makes me content but being content is not how I want to spend my time living.

Luckily I have a life list.

My list is a constant reminder to have more fun :-) It is a tool that pushes me in ways I wouldn’t otherwise have the willpower or determination to move. Put simply, it makes me happier.

Which brings me to my point. It is time to start my next adventure.

Quitting My Job

At the beginning of this week I left my high paying and extremely convenient job. The decision was actually rather clear-cut as my happiness audit told me what I was afraid to admit to myself. Lack of inspiration is not a problem money can solve. It certainly wasn’t easy (in fact it was damn hard) but I know in the most important way that it was the right choice.

Starting My Startup

Instead of just kinda working on my startup, I actually took the leap this past month and made substantial progress. My business parter Sam and I will be launching our first product later this year. I am very excited because I think the product will make people’s live genuinely better.

Speaking At Yale

I will be speaking at Yale on March 23rd. I am a college dropout and I always get excited when I get a opportunity to speak at a major university. This will be my third. If you are in New Haven at the end of the month, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the details.

Moving To Spain

And there is that little Spain thing :-) At the end of this month I will be moving to Spain in order to start the European leg of my bucket list. I don’t speak Spanish and my budget will be tight but if living in Spain is like my time living in Argentina than I know I am starting an adventure that will change my life dramatically for the better :-)

Enough talk, life is for living. I have some adventures to enjoy.