How to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

Ready to get nerdy? This week’s video covers how to protect your computer and data while traveling. Specifically it gives recommendation on free and secure encryption, convenient cloud storage solutions and the best hard drives for extreme travel.


True to this post, I am traveling in Bali today. This life list item has turned out kind of funny. Technically the item was to visit Kuala Lumpur (KL). In researching that trip, I got carried away :-p It turns out that KL is a super cheap airport hub in SE Asia. Trips from Bali to there (via Asia Air X) was $100 USD (74.05 Euro). Randomly I had two friends ask me if I could meet them in Bali on the applicable date so here I am.

But that is not where it stopped. In looking for a return flight to Singapore I found a deal from KL to the Maldives for $80 USD (59.24 Euro). Without a second thought I booked that. Then when figuring out how to get from there to Singapore I figured out I could do a 24 hour layover in Sri Lanka for free (the layover of an hour was already part of the flight so extending it to a full day didn’t cost anything). So here I am :-)

I should have a video about this trip coming out in about a week and a half. Before coming here I had assumed Bali would be like Cancun, Mexico. Wow, was I wrong. It is a bit touristy but it also has 3.5 million locals. Cancun… not so much :-)

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Some of the links above contain an affiliate id. This means I get credit if you purchase the items. Like I said in the video, these are products I bought with my own money after doing a bunch of research. Since then I have travel tested them and really do just like them a lot. If you don’t want to give me credit, that’s cool, just strip the ids from the URLs. No hard feelings on my side. I don’t write this blog to sell people stuff. Not my style.

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  • Andy

    Have you ever had issues with internet banking inside of a VPN? For example, I’m from Australia and most VPN services I’ve seen don’t offer a server here. If I was to connect to a US server whist at the airport/cafe I’m worried that the bank may see this activity as suspicious and temporarily suspend my account, especially if each time I use the VPN the server is in a different location.

    • >Have you ever had issues with internet banking inside of a VPN?

      No I haven’t but my bank is in the US and I generally connect via VPN to the US. Unfortunately, my VPN doesn’t offer any servers in SE Asia either. I emailed them about this and they said there are both cost and privacy issues with bandwidth in SE Asia/Australia :-( (lame, it sounds like excuses to me).

      You could in theory “train” your bank account to expect connections from a specific foreign location but that would be dependent on bank and online banking software.

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