My Most Embarrassing Life List Item: Video

Note: If you are reading this e-mail or can’t see the video above, click through in order to watch the video.

The Story Behind This Video

I have been thinking a lot about storytelling lately. This is a skill that I want to actively work to improve upon for the rest of my life. It is a uniquely human skill and the tool I want to use to leave a legacy.

I am working on this goal in two mediums, writing and video. Luckily, writing is what provides the power behind video so these two endeavors have a lot of overlap. The immediate plan is to take some of my favorite blog posts and convert them into short videos like the one above. Eventually, I want to get me out of the videos and highlight other people’s amazing stories.

I have a vision for how I want to share life list stories. This blog is part of that but ultimately I want to tell stories through episodic videos. The video above is the closest I have gotten to achieving this vision thus far. It is still too amateurish and really only 1% of what I am trying to create but it is progress nonetheless. As such, I’d love to get all of your feedback.

What do you think of this approach?

What can I do better?


P.S. For those wondering about my six pack status, so far, so good! I have been following my diet and exercise routine without issue for three weeks now. I will give a more comprehensive view next week.

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  • Learning to drive stick probably would have been a good idea before hitting the track. Great video though, thanks for the laugh this morning.

    • :-) A good point. I’ll know for next time? :-p

  • The sound that car made when you stalled out made me cringe so hard! Amazing you learned on the spot how to drive a stick, though. I guess it can’t be that hard?

    I’ve still never learned how to drive a stick. Maybe something to add to my life list…

    • It isn’t hard once you get into 1st. Before that it is awkward and uncomfortable :-)

      I probably should have added that to my list before doing this one. Cheers Lee!

  • barb dover

    You make me a proud mama!

  • malena

    Niceeeeeeeeeeee. Gob Job Danny!

  • Haha great video and funny story Danny! The editing was really good too.

    I remember the first time I learned how to drive manual was back when I was in Australia and I basically purchased a manual car without really thinking about it. It became apparent that I would need to learn how to drive a stick after I had signed the transfer papers.

    I guess I’m not as fast of a learner as you are, though, because it took me a good week before I was really comfortable driving it. But I guess I didn’t have the pressure of driving a quarter million dollar car :)

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