True to the title of this post, I am going to keep the content of this post minimal. To me, the mindset of minimalism contains only three elements; routine, obsession and prioritization. Each of these concepts is a different agent of simplicity that serves a different yet equally important purpose.

Routine is Simplicity for Actions

There are an infinite amount of actions each of us can perform on any given day. The overwhelming volume of choices is crippling.

Routine is the most effective way of solving the abundance of actions problem. Find a process that works and repeat as long as it serves you, then find a new routine.

Obsession is Simplicity for Ideas

Obsession is the vaccine for information overload. It can overpower distractions and help bring important ideas into focus.

Obsession is the seed for every big advancement. When the feeling strikes, acknowledge its importance and hold on tight.

Prioritization is Simplicity for Growth

Priortization skills are the most important skill set that a person who who lives in a world of abundance can master.

If growth is the goal, tasks that don’t move you forward are the enemy. In order to succeed on a consistent basis you must prioritize prioritization. Make time for this skill or you won’t have any left.

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