This week’s video covers techniques for minimizing and eliminating e-mail.

Email Should Never Be Your #1 Priority!

  • Email is a never-ending task
  • Anyone in the world with Internet access can add to your to-do list
  • Email inboxes are not prioritized lists

Add Prioritization to Chaos


  • Use Sanebox! seriously, it is amazing!
  • 1 “Act Now” Inbox
  • 1 “Act on Later” Inbox (SaneLater)

Make Yourself Hard to Email

  • Use as few email addresses as possible
  • Forward all email to one place
  • Relentlessly unsubscribe

Intentionally Be Slow on Email

  • Train people that you are slow to respond to email
  • Set Expectations on Response Time
    • Calls (1 hr)
    • Texts (2 hr)
    • Emails (1 day)
  • Check email a max of 2x times a day (preferably just once!)

Would you like to learn more about Minimalism? I wrote an entire book on the subject! Feel free to learn more about it by clicking here. :-)