This week’s video is one I wish I would have had when I first started traveling. By far, the hardest part of full-time travel has been learning how to get work done while constantly being distracted. It has taken more than just simple discipline, it has taken processes and rules. In this video I discuss the tricks I have learned and the attempts I make to balance them out so that I can get work completed while still loving the craziness that is long-term travel.

Show Notes

Diligently Define Your Work – If you want to have any chance of finishing all of your work while traveling you need to start by listing it all out. I used to skip this step thinking it was optional but quickly learned that it is actually necessary in order to counterbalance the distractions added by travel.

Be Ridiculous About Fighting Excuses

  • Buck the trend and work at tourist locations when necessary
  • Learn to work on trains, planes and whatever other weird transportation you encounter
  • Write emails in a word processor if you don’t have internet access
  • Don’t be afraid to work without your laptop

Set Work Durations, Not Hours – 9 to 5 doesn’t work when you are constantly switching timezones. Instead make blocks of time and use those to get work done.

Actively Seek out Inspiration in Order to Refuel – When traveling, inspiration can be anywhere! When you are feeling burnt out, don’t fight it. Instead take that as a reminder to go out and explore.

To all of the other travelers out there, what do you do to stay productive while on the road? Do you have any helpful tips to share?