30 Day Vegan Diet

Last night I went to a TED talk with my friends, Ian and Ryan. Ian is someone I have known for years but don’t see very often. Ryan is the co-worker I mentioned in my last post who I am doing the 30 day Vegan challenge with.

At the TED talk Ryan and I got to discussing our 30 day challenge. We both agreed that our Vegan diets were boring and that this was proving to be much more difficult than anticipated. We mutually agreed that we had done a good job and could end the challenge early. We shook hands and went over to the food table and grabbed some of the free sandwiches.

Two minutes later my friend Ian arrived. He is a reader of this blog (Hi dude!) and he knew about the challenge. He looked at my plate and jokingly threatened to take a photo and post it on the last post. I made some excuses and we both laughed it off.

None of us mentioned it after that.

Fortunately my consciousness wouldn’t let me off the hook. I was reminded of my failure several times today. Why was I letting myself quit? Why had I reasoned myself into justifying my harmful cravings? Why the sudden weakness?

I had let myself down. I had became the force that was powerful enough to stop me.

Clearly this is not a seed I can let grow. I need to fix this before it becomes a bigger problem. So what is my next action?

The answer is simple. I am going to do what I know is right. In the middle of writing this post, I stood up and walked a half mile to the nearest ATM. I put in my card and took out $500.00. To me, this is a lot of a money. It is of high enough value that if I lose it, it will tangibly affect my life in a negative way. Sunday when I see Ryan (the same co-worker I started the challenge with) I am going to give him very simple instructions.

1. Don’t give me this money back unless I finish the rest of the Vegan challenge we agreed to.
2. If I fail to follow the rules for the remainder of the challenge, the money is yours.

In doing this I put the power of peer pressure, economics and shame to work for me.

It is a simple act but something that I believe will make all of the difference in my success. This is not simply a challenge of diet, it is a challenge of building and maintaining self trust. For that reason, my success is paramount.

Update: This trick worked :-) I completed the challenge and got my money back.

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  • DANG!
    Why today, Danny? Why this post today? I was feeling all peaceful about the small break in my no carb/no sugar four week detox program today (I got a frozen yogurt. No good reason. Just did it.). Now I am trying to figure out how much I gotta get outta my account and give someone to keep me honest.
    All hang dog over here in “cheater HQ”


    • Either way you rock :-)

      (But less so if you keep cheating with frozen yogurt!)

      • Emma’s Bucket List


  • Yes! will power is highly over-rated! put some skin in the game and slight the odds in your favor. cat’s in the bag this time round!

    p.s. i made an app exactly for this! betting with yourself, betting with friends. it’s free and it’s totally for fun, but allows you to ‘Chirp’ people over the bets to make it a better experience and push you to go thru with it! http://payupapp.com

    anyways you got it this time round!

  • This post made me laugh quite a lot Danny. Fair enough, you’re sticking to your principles and I do admire that, but it is ok to quit some stuff. Striving is great if there is meaning to it, but ultimately, it seems you’re not really enjoying the whole vegan thing and to be honest, you gave it a good shot. Who really cares what anyone else thinks? It’s your body!

    • Its also my mind :-)

      Either way I finished it and learned my lesson. Cheers!

      • Emma’s Bucket List

        Rhis is true! Glad you achieved what you set out to since you wanted to do so and it clearly meant a lot to you! Have you ever done a juice fast? I did that and actually loved it, and healthily list 7lbs in 7 days as a side effect of the detox… My hair was really glossy and my skin was really clear afterwards because it’s actually a vitamin rich detox. I did it on the Jason Vale Juice Master plan… Will blog about it soon!

      • Emma’s Bucket List

        Sorry aboIt the typos! Did that from my iPhone!

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