A Situation Too Strange Even For Me

Update: April Fools everyone :-) I love myself a good April Fools prank. Thanks to everyone who played along!

I am flattered that some of you believed me. It shows me that I am living a lifestyle where people believe anything is possible :-) I appreciate all of your support. Thank you!

P.S. I really was in Prague this last weekend. Prague actually is on my bucket list :-) My next post will be about that city. Spoiler, I loved it :-)

P.P.S I don’t actually have a secret bucket list. But maybe I should :-)

Those of you who pay attention to my Facebook page will know that I am currently in Prague, Czech Republic. While this may just seem like another bucket list adventure, it is not. In fact, Prague is not even on my bucket list. Well, not my public bucket list anyway.

I haven’t talked about it on this blog before but I also have a secret bucket list. This list contains items that I don’t normally want to share online. They are items like becoming a millionaire (I don’t want to make myself a target when I reach this), having a threesome (too many people already hate me ;-p) and going into space (I don’t want to jinx it.)

So why are you in Prague?

Before I can answer this, I need to explain a little history. The Czech Republic came into being in 1993 after Czechoslovakia peacefully separated into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. This is how the nations exist today.

The part that is less known by the general public is that when Czechoslovakia was at it’s height it was actually third in the space race behind the Soviet Union and the United States. When the country dissolved, the space technology and engineering went to the Czech Republic.

This is the reason I am in Prague. Tonight at midnight local time the great Czech Republic will be making history by sending its first crew into outer space. Sitting onboard as the least talented of the group will be me.


Happily, I am not :-) I originally got involved with the Czech space program when I was hired as a consultant to help with their SEO. Eventually word of my bucket list blog spread and after a series of meetings over the span of several months, they decided to use me to help boost the publicity of this event.

So there it is. In less than 24 hours I will be living my dream and going into Space. It has been a winding series of events to get me here but at this point it is looking very real. I am sorry that I had to keep it a secret up until now but it is obvious why I had to do it this way.

Obviously, I will keep all of you informed to the status of the mission.

Wish me luck!

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  • WOW…!!!! Honest to goodness WOW…! I had to double read this – not many can boast this achievement / privilege.

    The best of luck to you

  • April Fools!

    • What is this April Fool you are talking about?

      • I hope I didn’t spoil the joke! I did wish I could retract the comment after I hit the submit button… It was a good one though :)

  • Hahaha

  • Lucas Garvin

    Wow, that’s an incredible achievement. Good luck! I wonder if they have wifi? ;)

    • It won’t be an issue, I will just steal a neighbors wifi. :-)

  • April Fools! haha :)

    • I don’t get it, what is this April Fools everyone is talking about :-p

  • Where’s the photo of you eating ice cream in your space suit? :P :P

    Compete with the Soviet Union? Hardly! The Czech Republic’s Space Agency Česká kosmická kancelář was founded in 2003 – ten years after the republic was established! However, the USSR did send a Czech cosmonaut into space as part of its Interkosmos program.

    “Obviously, I will keep all of you informed to the status of the mission.” :D
    I didn’t know the Czech gave you Facebook access in space!

    Nice try, though. Waiting for photos of “ice cream + threesome” – you automatically qualify as a millionaire if you do that :P :P

    • Hey Rohan!

      It sounds like whoever provided you with that information is playing an April Fools trick on you :-) I hate when that happens ;-p

      • Duh.

      • Hahaha! I love that you set up a false source of information! Oh dear, people will probably be quoting that in homework assignments and papers! LOL

  • barb dover

    April fools! You got me! XXOO

    Safe travels, my son.

    • Do you mean space travels or normal travels? :-)

  • AAahhhhhhh!!! I can’t believe it!!! You got me. I’m embarrassed for being so gullible!
    Well a happy April Fools, then!

    • A very happy aprils fools day indeed! I have never celebrated a holiday in space before ;-p

  • Good luck Danny! This will be epic.

  • Steve

    A threesome?! That’s awesome. I hope your mom isn’t reading.

  • Nice April fools joke. If the Czech’s were going into space, I don’t think I would want to be on their spacecrafts first flight, lol.

    • Here’s a pic of Danny’s space shuttle… http://tinypic.com/r/2iarh9i/5
      :-) :D

      Q. What goes vroom vroom on cold wintry mornings?
      A. A Czech rocket stuck to chewing gum on the launch pad.

      Q. What do you call an Australian driving a Skoda?
      A. Czech, mate.

      • lol! Those are some fine photoshop skills you have there. :-)

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