Life Gear

While one of the main goals of a life lister is to stay light, there is still some gear that is necessary to live a productive lifestyle. The following lists are meant to get you started on the right track by helping you prioritize different sets of gear.


The Minimalist Packing List

One of the hardest parts of both life and travel is cutting down on baggage. This article explores a bare minimum packing list that will keep you prepared while still being able to travel carry on.


The “Software So Good I Actually Pay For It” List

Software may not be physical but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take up mental and hard drive space. This list covers the bare essentials for getting work done while keeping sane on the road.

protect laptop

How to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

Ready to get nerdy? This video covers how to protect your computer and data while traveling. Specifically it gives recommendation on free and secure encryption, convenient cloud storage solutions and the best hard drives for extreme travel.


The Personal Travel Finance List

There is no getting around it, full-time travel costs money. This article covers a minimalist personal finance plan you can use maintain a wallet that gets you from here to the other side of the world.