My Favorite Story To Tell

This true story is part treasure hunt, part murder adventure. More importantly though, it is my absolute favorite life story to tell live.

Competitive Storytelling

For those who don’t know, there is a large community of competitive storytellers worldwide. The events are typically free (or inexpensive), funny and uncommonly genuine (most storytellers are amateurs telling true stories about their lives). I am a big fan of this community and try to take part in it as often as possible. (I have been a competitor in three states and counting!)

The most popular competitive storytelling organization is The Moth. The video associated with this post was told at a Moth organized StorySlam in Seattle, Washington.

If there is not a branch of the Moth in your town, search for other local storytelling meetups. I have found some in every city I have lived in.

The Postcard In Question

post card

Photo Credit: PostSecret

Should I continue to post more of these live story videos here on the blog? I love these storytelling events, but do all of you?

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  • Vanessa

    lLove storytelling events, The Moth is one of my favorite podcasts. And that was a great story. :)

    • Thanks Vanessa, if people like this one, then more to come! Cheers!

  • mike vallano

    Creeeeepy. Excellent story though. I, too, love the moth.

  • Crazy crazy good. Do this again!

    • Thanks Mary! Still collecting feedback but the early stuff looks good :-)

  • Lauren

    OMG Danny! Well regardless, that was extremely interesting, albeit scary, but what I really want to know now is how many Post Secrets lead to things like this or had a dark motivation…unfortunately something we will never know…

    I love the Moth, and stuff like this, so I for sure think you should do more posts similar to this one!

    • Yeah that would be interesting to see. My guess is that the vast majority of them lead to positive interactions :-) Thanks for the support! :-)

  • lol This is insane dude. I love it. Post more of these.

  • You had me hooked. Although, I really can’t work out how much of the story is true. I guess that is the sign of a well told story. In terms of posting more, I’d say go for it!

    • :-) I am glad. More true stories to come!

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