Can both true romance and extreme travel be part of the same healthy lifestyle? To find the answer, I interviewed psychologist and global traveler, Cooper Schwartz. This video is the first in a planned interview series where I will be asking uniquely fascinating travelers difficult life and travel related questions.

Introducing Cooper Schwartz

I am starting off this series by interviewing Cooper Schwartz, a global explorer and huge inspiration of mine. Cooper has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and owns a travel agency, His and Hers Romantic Vacations, which specializes in romantic travel adventures. As such, he has an incredibly interesting perspective on travel. This week, he was gracious enough to sit down with me to discuss his views.

I really enjoyed talking to Cooper and I hope you find value in his stories.

Are These Type of Interviews Valuable?

While I really enjoyed creating this episode, it was a ton of work! :-p Do you find value in this video? Should I make it a priority to conduct more interviews like this?

Where Should I Focus?

In this pilot episode, I asked questions that ranged from identifying specific travel tactics to much more abstract travel highlight stories. What would you like to hear more about, travel tactics, or travel experiences?

Would You Listen To Audio Only Versions of Similar Interviews?

We are all extremely busy people and watching 40 minutes of video can be hard! Would it be valuable to have an audio-only podcast style version of this series?

I am really looking forward to getting your feedback on this pilot! Thanks in advance to all of you!