Ask Me Anything: Announcing The First Life Listed Live Q&A

The Live Q&A is now over! Thank you everyone for making this a success! You can see the recorded version above.

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Curious how I afford to complete my life list items? Want to learn how you can run your first marathon? Want to know the trick for getting to Easter Island? This week I will be answering all of those questions as well as anything else you throw at me.

This is a free and public online event.


(Note: These are all the exact same time :-p Timezones, woah!)

GMT, Greenwich Mean Time
6:00p Thu, Sep 26 2013

LONDON, United Kingdom, England
7:00pm Thu, Sep 26 2013

SEATTLE, United States, Washington
11:00am Thu, Sep 26 2013

NEW YORK, United States, New York
2:00pm Thu, Sep 26 2013

TORONTO, Canada, Ontario
2:00pm Thu, Sep 26 2013

SINGAPORE, Singapore
2:00a Fri, Sep 27 2013


The Q&A will be streamed right on this blog post! At the time of the Q&A, just come back to this blog post and you will see the video streaming above.

(Assuming you are reading this on, then yes that means the page you are reading right now. If you are reading this elsewhere the URL is:

You do not need any special equipment, any money or anything else to watch.

If you would like to ask a question live, you will need to visit the free Google Hangouts page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to bring a microphone/headset?

No. The video will be playing just like a normal YouTube video. If you can watch a YouTube video with your current setup than you should be fine!

I can’t make that time, will the Q&A be recorded?

Yes! The video will be available for free viewing after the event on my YouTube channel.

What is the call-in number?

There is no call-in number! This will work exactly like watching a YouTube video except that it will be live, not-prerecorded.

Do I have to sign up for anything to participate?

No. Although if you want to ask a question live you will need to login to a Google+ account. That is their rule, not mine.

Is this going to be boring?

Hell no! You can ask me anything… think about that. Anything! If for some reason, that is boring than I will find a better video for us to watch.

Is this porn?

Sorry, not that kind of webcast. I don’t work for free :-p

You Can Start Asking Questions Now

Although you will be able to ask questions live during the event, feel free to leave your questions in the comments below. I’ll use these to build the agenda.

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  • Charles

    How do you finance your bucket list?

    • Good question! Short answer is I work as a marketing consultant. Longer answer to come during the Q&A.

  • Craig

    what has been the most satisfying thing to check off the list?

  • Amanda

    Hey, I understand if this is too personal and you don’t want to answer this, but how do you have a romantic life if you are always traveling?

    • That’s not too personal. :-) Added to the agenda!

  • Jennifer

    Any tips for dealing with jet lag? Have you become immune to it?

  • Tim

    If you had to live in a non U.S. country, which one would you choose and why?

    Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?

    What is the least pleasant thing about traveling as much as you?

    How’s operation 6 pack abs coming along?

    Can we get drunk together next time you are in town?

    Weirdest thing you’ve eaten/drank during your travels?

    Will you ever explore the other parts of Africa san(d)s Egypt?

    What is your plan post-bucket list completion?

    • Hey Tim, sorry I didn’t get to all of these. I just added them to the agenda for next time!

  • How often do you experience fear?

    • Good question Tobey, I covered this in video.

  • Chris Knight

    How does completely your life list compare to those awesome 6 months of living in a basement with that cool Chris Knight guy?

  • craig

    Have you ever built a raft? and did it make authentic boat noises?

  • Great time looking forward to next time!

  • Steve

    Awesome video Q&A. You’ve got to do more of them. They inspire and motivate. It’s got to make you feel good knowing that you are changing people’s lives, motivating and teaching them how to get more out of their lives. Great job. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Steve. More of these to come. (I am planning to bring special guests to the next one.)

      It does make me feel good that these type of posts and events are helping people. I’d do my Life List even if no one cared but it is much more fulfilling knowing others are benefiting (at least a bit) from my posts. :-)

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