The Minimalist Mindset

The Minimalist Mindset is an upcoming book from Danny Dover that explains (through repeatable actions, not theory) how normal, sane people, are minimizing their possessions and time-waste in order to live fuller, more impactful lives. This book gives you an extensive and detailed plan that has already worked for a large range of everyday people. Through the use of the techniques and strategies detailed in this book, you can free up time and money to dedicate more of your precious resources to the things that really matter in your life.

Table of Contents

Part 1: A Better Way

Part 1 starts with a story that is an compilation and analysis of a group of interviews that took place with a wide variety of people (men, women, rich, poor) who started out knowing nothing about Minimalism but decided they wanted to try to make it part of their lives. This story shows, with real life examples, the goals different people make for adopting minimalism. This sets the stage for the rest of the book which covers specific actions and techniques a wide range of people have used to be successful minimalists.

  • Chapter 1: It Starts With a Story
  • Chapter 2: How Does One Live Life Well?
  • Chapter 3: Addition Isn’t Possible Without Subtraction

Part 2: Subtraction: A Strategy Buffet

Part 2 is the meat of the book. It is fluff-free and heavy on repeatable actions and techniques. It covers a wide range of real life topics and explains how normal people can take Minimalism related actions to improve their lives.

  • Chapter 4: Money
  • Chapter 5: Time
  • Chapter 6: Health
  • Chapter 7: Work
  • Chapter 8: Housing
  • Chapter 9: Transportation
  • Chapter 10: Communication
  • Chapter 11: E-mail
  • Chapter 12: Cell Phones
  • Chapter 13: Objects
  • Chapter 14: Books
  • Chapter 15: Computer Files
  • Chapter 16: Clothing
  • Chapter 17: Travel
  • Chapter 18: Food
  • Chapter 19: Exercise
  • Chapter 20: Friends
  • Chapter 21: Family
  • Chapter 22: Significant Other

Part 3: Organizing Your Work

Part 3 dives into different ways to organize and actually do Minimalism related activities.

  • Chapter 23: Actions
  • Chapter 24: Projects
  • Chapter 25: Priorities

Part 4: But Why?

Part 4 ends by taking a step back and looking at life in general. Self improvement and minimalism is pointless if you don’t have at least some notion of a bigger direction. This part focuses on putting the whole book in perspective.

  • Chapter 26: Why Are You Here?