Life Habits

The secret to dominating your Life List is not a specialized piece of gear or an expensive membership to some organization. Instead, the best trick you can learn is utilizing the right time tested habits. The following articles cover these habits and give you the inside knowledge you need to get rocking on your List.

Ice Cream Diet

The Habit Of Saying Yes: 500 Days On The Ice Cream Diet

One of the hardest parts of life is balancing self-discipline. When no one is around, what leads your choices? This guide gives you a not so expected answer to a timeless question.


The Habit of Auditing Your Happiness

Are you happy? Sometimes it can be hard to tell! This habit includes a process for determining your levels of happiness and using that information to optimize your life.


The Habit of Making Finite Decisions

Every adventure starts with a decision. This guide explains the importance of the habit of decision making and gives some tips for creating your own.


The Habit of A Defined Life List

There is more overlap between living a life free of rigidity and living one with a defined purpose than is immediately apparent. This habit covers the process of living a Life List lifestyle.