An Adventure Awaits You!


An Adventure Awaits You!


100 of the most interesting people in the world!


You experiencing your own Life List items while meeting other amazing people!


Seattle, WA, USA


June 9, 10 & 11 2017

What Should I Expect?

The Life List Weekend will be broken down into two kinds of events; the Main Event (an opportunity for you to meet all of the other adventurers) and a multitude of Life List Item Activities (multiple opportunities for you to experience your own Life List items):

1. The Main Event

The Main Event will take place on June 10th and include everyone. During the event, we will eat, Danny will share his story of his list experience and you will have the opportunity to meet tons of super interesting people.


June 10th at 8:00 PM.


Melrose Market Studios
1532 Minor Ave,
Seattle, WA 98122

Full details are here.

2. Life List Activities

The Life List Activities will be a multitude of experiences and will take place on June 10 and 11. Danny will be paying for everyone to choose their top activity but everyone will have the opportunity to attend multiple activities on their own dime (space restrictions apply though).


June 9, 10 & 11 – Times vary. Individual Activity Details are here.


Locations vary. Individual Activity Details are here.

Schedule of Events

The following is the schedule for the weekend. Click each activity for additional details. Times and locations will be added as information becomes available.

Fri, June 9

4:00 PMStarbucks Roastery Experience

7:00 PMWelcome Party

Anytime between 9:00 AM – Midnight (Flexible timing) – Olympus Spa

Sat, June 10

10:00 AMCake Technique Baking Class
10:00 AMWilderness Survival Workshop
10:00 AMFood Tour: Chef’s Guided Tour of Pike Place Market

3:00 PMPole Dancing Class

8:00 PMThe Main Event

Anytime between 9:00 AM – Midnight (Flexible timing) – Olympus Spa

Sun, June 11

11:00 AMFarewell Party

12:00 PMAcroyoga


The 100 people invited to this event will be flying in from all over the world! It is recommended that you book your airfare as early as possible.

Closest Airport

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

Discounted Flights

For those who are participating in the weekend (that is you!), there are two airlines that are offering discounts:

  • Alaska Airlines: Discount code: “ECMX614” (Discount is 5%).
  • Delta Air Lines: Discount code: “NMPWB” (Discount is 2-20% depending on route).


Unfortunately, Accommodations in Seattle are expensive (hiss!). As such, we are recommending two options for lodging; Airbnb and hotels.


Stay in Seattle as a local does! Airbnb is a great way to safely and inexpensively stay in apartments while traveling. Danny is encouraging people to share Airbnbs in order to help people meet each other and in order to lower lodging costs.

Arranging An Airbnb:

You have two options for arranging an Airbnb:

  • Book a shared apartment with another attendee (RECOMMENDED!) See Facebook group for making group Airbnb arrangements)
  • Book your own apartment directly through


Hotels are convenient but typically expensive in Seattle (average $261/night). Check out the hotel search sites below for best up-to-date deals. If possible, try to book the hotel directly through the hotel (rather than hotel search engine) to avoid potential headaches. Many times the hotel will match prices you find online.

Danny’s Hotel Picks

Find the best deal for you but if all else fails, there are some good options below:

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle

The best neighborhoods in Seattle are listed below:

  • Capitol Hill (Close to the main event venue, lots of night life but can be expensive)
  • Ballard (Lots of things to do, great nightlife but is about 15 min drive from Downtown)
  • Fremont (Similar to Ballard but a little less busy. Lots of things to do, great nightlife but is also about 15 minute drive from Downtown)
  • West Seattle (A hidden gem and the neighborhood Danny lives in. Very pretty views, decent food options, quieter than other options but also about 15 minutes from Downtown.)
  • Downtown (The center of the city. Many food and hotel options. More expensive than other options.)

Life List Activity Details

There will be two different type of activities; Life List Activities (Registration Required) and casual unstructured activities. All of the information you need for both types of activities are below:

Life List Activities (Registration Required)


Starbucks Roastery Experience


Starbucks Roastery Experience


Cake Technique Baking Class


Cake Technique Baking Class


Wilderness Survival Workshop


Wilderness Survival Workshop


Food Tour: Chef’s Guided Tour of Pike Place Market


Food Tour: Chef's Guided Tour of Pike Place Market


Pole Dancing Class


Pole Dancing Class


Acroyoga Class


Acroyoga Class


Olympus Spa


Olympus Spa

Other Activities (No Reservation Needed)

More information on these unplanned activities coming soon!

Facebook Group (How To Communicate With Everyone Else)

In order for the group to effectively communicate, organize and share information, we will be using a public Facebook Group. (This will also make it easier for you to connect with people after the event)

Life List Weekend Facebook Group


Have a question or comment? Feel free to ask your question in the Facebook Group or contact Charlene Ditch (The marvelous event planner!):

  1. Facebook Group (Ask your questions here first!)
  2. Danny Dover (E-mail: [email protected]) (Cell Phone: +1 (425) 765-6795)
  3. Charlene Ditch: (E-mail: [email protected]) (Cell Phone: +1 (206) 307-2015)